Getting up in the morning is tough right? If there’s a morning person out there with any tips to help convert a seriously ‘non-morning’ person, that’d be great :)

Rea G.
As simple as it may sound: go to sleep earlier. Setting the morning alarm early.
At first you might need to go to sleepway too early and melatonin / camomille infusions can help with that.
Slowly you will be able to reduce the amount of sleep time needed to get up early without groggyness
Tami A.
Keep your alarm the same time and just get up. Make the alarm tone pleasing, it’ll be less of a jolt if your alarm gently wakes you, then change it to some music while you get ready and have breakfast. ☺️
Tiago Z.
Biggest thing – Have something that motivates you to get out of bed.

DO NOT use snooze. Go to bed earlier. Always get out of bed, even if it is just to immediately sit on a chair. Stay consistent over the weekend.

Oscar Q.
I wasn’t a morning person until I had to. I recommend going out for a walk and appreciating the morning sun, the birds chant and all the natural environment of the morning. This helps me a lot.
Lynzi Z.
Am not a morning person too any tips give me a shout aswell ha 😂 but if you have a good sleep you should feel better go bed bit early than normal and meditate could help Goodluck 🤞 😉
Chloe E.
A great way to start your morning is to drink water as soon as you awaken. Drinking water as soon as you get up energizes you.
Colin P.
Make sure you have to physically get out of bed to turn off an alarm you set away from arms reach. I’ve been able to snooze or disable almost unconsciously and miss work because of it.