What do you do when you can’t sleep at night?

Taylor U.
I get up out of bed and do my
night time routine again. Get cozy in the living room, drink my tea, and read until I feel tired, then move back to bed. If something is weighing on my mind, then I take 10 minutes to brainstorm what actions I need to take on it when I start my day, then do my bed time routine until I’m sleepy.
Naomi X.
I will lay in the bed for a short time and if I don’t go to sleep in a short while then I will get out of the bed leave my room walk around, stretch, try a small cup of milk, warm tea, then go lie back down. That usually does the trick!!
Andrea Z.
if i am on my mood, i'll write down my journal or reading something. if i'm not, just watching videos. a boring videos with foreign language.
Eleonora O.
– listen to Sleep With Me podcast
– write down what bothers me and keeps me awake
– do a meditation for sleep
– read a book waiting for feeling my eyes tired
– take deep breaths and try to relax my body
Ivy N.
I will sometimes put my heating pad on – the heat on my back or belly will make me feel really comforted. Then I’ll put on a long YouTube video with sleep music and has a frequency or Hz incorporated- usually 528 is a good one for sleeping.
Unicorn Mania E.
When I can’t sleep I stretch, stretching ends up making me yawn and feel relaxed so I end up cuddling with myself and falling asleep