How do you get something out of your mind if it’s bothering you?

Courtney P.
I personally have a hard time when something's bothering me personally I have a hard time when something's bothering me. When something or someone is bothering me I usually go right to the source and discuss it with the person even if it's an uncomfortable conversation or I will text or email them. If it's something that is out of my control like a health issue, missing someone or missing someone who has passed I will write in my journal, I will usually put on music and honestly I have a good cry and that seems to help me. Also I confide in my close friends And I meet with my therapist once a week to be honest that is a huge help because I'm getting a perspective from somebody completly outside of my life. These are some of my coping methods for when something's are bothering me. I hope this answer helps.
Galaza S.
Thinking of a way out if its a problem or smth. Or always looking for something good in any situation. There's good in everything, trust me😊