What makes up a good night’s rest for you? What makes it not so good?

Kasper Z.
When I spend less time with screens up to an hour before bed, having a screenless room or distractless. Having a dark room, cool room, warm bed.

Having some rain sounds (I don't know how much this is helping me now)

Not drinking much water before bed.

Lying on my back and quieting my mind, visualising a happy place, a relaxing place, where I can take rest, replenish, refuel, to start the new battle the next day, with a powerful, refreshed engine room furnace, that can overcome the new "hills"

Martha N.
Going to sleep early and not having no devices on and when you go to sleep like really late and you have your devices on all night
Shelley P.
Good: Cold, dark, white noise, a good stretch. Rain/storms. Dog and cat sleeping in room, hot tea and/or epsom salt bath, weed, lavender, essential oils, no socks
Bad: loud, hot, neighbors stomping, physical pains, weird smells, alcohol, need to have showered somewhat recently, heartburn, socks on
Hans J F.
A good nights rest includes falling asleep within and hour and not waking up. It also includes no nightmares which can be hard for me at time. I can have some really intense/violent nightmares. A a good nights sleep also includes a reasonable amount of deep sleep and feeling energized in the morning. Enough so that I can wake up and actually out of bed within 10 min. Or so.
Justin G.
Relax and meditation makes me feel better
Bad news ,works , mind's make me feel worse and i am getting up bad with awful mood
Darryl Q.
Good: dark room, a little chilly, I like to use eye masks, drinking water before you go to bed, use the restroom before you go to bed, meditating before sleeping
Bed: being in a noisy, bright room
Modesto S.
I used to have a terrible nights sleep but I have worked out how my body likes to be relaxed.
A method for me is to not eat sugar later than the mid afternoon. I eat my dinner and I have desert. I drink water with it. Also, reading a book makes us all sleepy. No matter how good the book is, your eyes will gradually become more tired.
Brittany Z.
Well, I get myself into the mood, ya know. I turn off harsh lights and migrate to my salt lamp, fairy lights, or the darkest red from my LED fan lights. I have routined myself to know, ok, its time to wind down typa vibe. I sleep with my dogs, so I make sure they're both good. That for some reasons helps me sleep knowing their good, too. And I listen to my yawns.
Hamdi N.
A good night rest kind depends on what I do before. For example, I won’t really have a good night rest if I go on my phone. I have a good night rest if I read or just do nothing before I sleep