What helps you to get a better and deeper sleep?

Rico N.
Using brainwave materials. Listening to sleep stories. Knowing I have a very smart, sensitive, highly trained Czechoslovakian German Shepherd laying right next to me for whom I’m so grateful.
Charlotte O.
If I do a list of all the things I did for the day. Like a diary, but in my head right before I go to sleep. And I try to remember good things and stay positive. It also helps me go back to sleep if I wake up in the middle of the noght.
Rico N.
My dog beside me is both a medical detection dog whom has woken me when my b/p was skyrocketing I was able to call 911 and my life was saved as a stroke was prevented as my dog, trained as Forward Momentum dog, alerts you anything not normal. I am blessed. This dog is also well bred highly trained Czechoslovakian German Shepherd so safety and security is a nonissue. My do more than anything, allows me to sleep at night, especially when he curls up next to me. He sleeps when I’m awake and when I sleep, he sits watch over me, our home. My best friend. My personal guardian. My protector. My dog.
Jose C.
Establishing a routine and starting that routine at the same time every night. And making my bed in the morning, for some reason it makes crawling into bed a pleasure
Fred S.
Have my crystals around me brings me a sense of relaxation and calmness. I have started to read (i.e. shut down the electronics) before I go to bed, as well as meditating 5-10 minutes to calm my body down. At my nightstand I have a nice hand and foot cream which I use, as well as a relaxing pillow mist. I try to make my evening and sleeping ritual as calming and inspiring as possible to truly feel good when I lay my head on the pillow.
Karissa Q.
Dream water (google it lol), or magnesium and melatonin (shift work life!), dark room/sleep mask, essential oils, incense, tea/water, cuddly cat, freshly washed sheets.
Maria O.
I open my bedroom's window for 5 minutes while I brush and floss my teeth and I put on my night serum. The clean, chilly air and the nice smell of my bedsheets make me feel sleepy. I can't sleep in a bed that doesn't smell good

I also switch off all lights, drink some water and sometimes take melatonin (plant based sleep hormone).