What blankets are optimal? Does a hot night (77•+F) change your answer? Have you any other favorite sleep props? Have you discovered that your sleep position causes mobility problems for you?

Rico N.
I sleep with various quilts and an eyelet pillow that cradles my neck and an 85 pound German Shepherd. One quilt was made by my great grandmother, another by my great-great grandmother, one by two friends from a spiritual circle and one by a friend I met on a mountain one Spring day. All are hand quilted and I wrap myself up in the love of every stitch. I am blessed.
Larisa Z.
I personally sleep with a comforter and top sheet (and sometimes just a top sheet on hot nights), and during the winter I'll add a heated blanket and have it on the lowest setting to help keep out the chill. I personally have a small pillow that I sleep with (I'm a side/ stomach sleeper) that helps keep my chest from collapsing so I breathe better. Sometimes I need to switch things up because of back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain…. but I don't think that it's really caused by my sleeping position usually. Every person is different though, so what works for me may not work for you.