What do you do when you unplug

Dean F.
Hehe hey. How are you? Well what do I do when I unplug. I didn't know what to do in the begginning but after I found my own way to unplug from the world, just me. Well I just listen to one of the audios that apperead on the "disconnecting and unplug" habit and I just listen to it, while I close my eyes letting everything go away. And I just imagine things. Like I just imagine me going to an island and living there every fear that have in that day. And things like that. After I breathe slowly to call down a bit. Well if you wanna try it, you can. But if you wanna have your own way, I believe that you will find it. So good luck
Jennifer C.
When o don’t be on no apps I listen to music or go to a friend house but mostly I talk to my best friends. But I haven’t been feeling like it Bc my emotions are not all here yk. I appreciate everything she does and our friendship but I want to more better ykx