When I can’t sleep, in the past, Ive reached for my phone. How do you overcome sleepless nights with your new routine?

Sophia G.
Like when I exercise well, do my meditation, it’s much easier for me to sleep. But there are nights that thoughts won’t make me sleep. Like you, i was using my phone when I can’t sleep. But now, if I can’t sleep, i do deep breathing, special kinda mantra thing, try to not think or at least think about things that I’m grateful for. Then after few minutes, I’ll drift into sleep. Hope that’s help you :))
Graycee P.
Honestly I really prefer putting my phone across the room. I know it sucks but right before you go to bed put it across the room and just leave it there. If you know its across the room you would have to get up to go get it, which to me is a lot of work and then I just think about happy things. Happy things tend to make me want to sleep more verse scary things that keep me up. I hope this helped.
Ana F.
Créeme que a veces hago lo mismo! pues la verdad, me pongo mi tapa ojos de sueño, pongo música relajante del app fabulous y respiro y de la nada ya me quede dormida 🙈 pero necesito mucho fuerza de voluntad para no agarrar el teléfono y adentrarme a TikTok o instagram
Tierri Z.
Sometimes I reach for my phone, but I generally will just lay there and think. Resting even if I'm not sleeping is better than putting a phone in my face.