Do you have any idea about to reduce belly fat?

Eva F.
It's not a bad thing to have. I know that's hard to believe, it took me years to understand, but it's not a bad thing to have. YOU ARE YOU. That is honestly enough. You don't have to believe me. Only try and be kind to yourself. I have a bit of a belly it's true. 😉 But since I became comfortable with it, no one has even mentioned my belly. Evern people started to say I have a good body when I started being more confident with it.
Teresa J.
Drinking lots of water and avoiding foods that cause the fat. There are lots of helpful lists out there made by dieticians and other professionals that will help you lose weight and maintain your progress.
Lisbeth O.
Supposing you're not considering surgery, but actually exercises, there isn't such a thing as "reduce belly fat". In order to achieve that you'll need to reduce your overall body fat.
For that I'ld recommend HIIT exercises and a Paleo diet (or any low carbo based one). You'll need to produce a calories defict to burn fat, I'ld strongly recommend going on ketosis to accelerate that. Good Google searches!
Emil X.
Struggling with that, but one factor that, aside from a healthy diet, and activity, is lowering your cortisol levels. Stress creates cortisol. Thus the need for relaxation, as Dr Chatterjee says. When you wake up 5 minutes of breathing and/or meditation. In the evenings 15 minutes without screens, just like Fabulous does. I personally write while classical music plays in the background.
Sofia T.
Hi there im no professional at this but i suggest cutting down on your intake of wheat, sugar, and processed foods. A healthy diet is key to improving your inner and exterior health and if you like you can search for exercises