What to do in my disconnect time?

Maricica O.
You could try reading a good book before going to sleep, you could also doodle or paint since they are also relaxing activities. And if you make a habit out of that, you would disconnect and unplug automatically and think "book time!"
Melissa U.
In your disconnect time, you can find a place, a safe and happy place, thinking of positive things, like music you like, dancing, maybe sports, maybe studying, maybe writing stories, do watever makes you feel happy, safe and comfortable and take care of yourself, have a nice day!!♡
Anna N.
You can read, or listen to music (although that's probably on your phone, but that's true for Fabulous app too). Anything that doesn't involve a screen will gradually relax you and ease you into bedtime mode
Perp Tuo Q.
I love to read a book and journal. This makes me feel relaxed and 'one with myself'. I also love to take my dog on a walk or draw/paint.