How do I ignore phone calls and notification frenzy?

Sabryn A.
You can turn off notifications and power off your phone. A lot of people now a days have an Apple Watch or something of sorts, so make sure that is taken off to ensure you will not be interrupted by phone calls or other notifications!
Mane Q.
I usually have to deal with things like these because of my work. I'm not the best at it but it's been really helpful to turn off the notifications of my work email on my phone. That way, when I turn off my laptop, I can really disconnect from my work and it helps me relax.
Also, try to think about what's important and what is urgent, that way, you can prioritize the calls, the texts and the emails.
Hope this helps!!
Lulla O.
I tell myself if it is important they will call again! And otherwise i can always call back when it suits me. For example after finishing a task. It also helps to set up phonecalltime. Which means a certain time a day where you do your phonecalls. You can also speak on your mobilebox and tell the time when you are available. It definitely helps to put your phone on silent. I do that often when i want to concentrate on a certain task. In this moments i also turn the internetconnection off. After finishing or when having a break i check on my phone if there was something important. If not, it can wait 🙂
Laoise P.
I turn off all notifications except for WhatsApp and messenger (because these are the ways my friends and family contact me). Before bed I put my phone on focus mode, which stops any notifications coming in at all and "blacks out" my distracting app. And I don't take focus mode off for an hour in the morning
Lily Z.
If I feel like it's close friends who would be upset or confused by me not picking up the phone or answering texts I would ask them to understand that I need a break from devices and might not answer immediately.