What are some things I can do that don’t have anything to do with my phone or computer to help distract myself.

Raymond Z.
You can read a book or play a board game with your family. I like to paint and draw. But some people don't like eny of those so I recommend playing basketball or soccor or go on a bike ride or a run. Or take a blanket or a towel and set it out in the yard or somewhere out side even if it's just your porch and just sit and take in the view even if it's just a rock. Even if it's just for a minute it can help
Carolyn F.
If you take up some sort of creative or crafting project like cross stitch or knitting it's a really low tech activity which can be very relaxing and can be combined with listening to music. Or there is always reading, physical books if you wanted to avoid screens.
Lenore P.
Turn off all devices. Have meditation music playing. Have a shower and burn Inscence. Turn on waterfall fountain and deep breathe. Give thanks giving and gratitude through prayer. Maybe do some audio reading.
Daniela Y.
Read a book, play the guitar, listen to music, run, dance, cook, flying yoga, make a telephone call to a friend, take a walk, go shopping and buy something to make me beautiful, tidy up my bedroom…
Lou I.
Something that you enjoy and that takes some thought too. Reading, journaling, coloring, painting, writing lists, audiobooks, podcasts, puzzles, gardening, cooking…
Lucky S.
Massage your feet, go for a walk and notice evwrything you can see or hear, write your thoughts out on paper and meditate to clear negativity, cook food based on colours, tidy your space