Is there a time of day you like to unplug?

Randall T.
the afternoon, typically. in the morning i like to catch up on social media and text my friends and at night i like to watch a video to wind down for sleep, but in the late morning/early afternoon i prefer to read a book, create some art, or spend time with my family or friends
Adrianna E.
My favorite time to unplug and relax is before bed. I give my self at least thirty minutes to an hour each night, and do whatever makes me feel best in the moment. Sometimes I read, and sometimes I gather my own thoughts, before letting them slip away for sleep. I'll even do light stretching to calm and soothe my body before bed.
Travis J.
I like to unplug closer to the end of day when I’m getting ready for bed. It allows me to come back to the present moment and reflect on what happened throughout the day
Ty Z.
In the middle of the day or evening is the best time to unplug. Usually I have goals each morning of what I want to do with my day and unplugging in the middle of the day helps refocus me. Unplugging in the evening helps to wind things down for sleep.
Naomi T.
Ik want to start with the night and morning routine, at the moment i dont really have a time of day to unplug, but I really want to find It and make it a Habbit