How do you manage the habit of Disconnect & Unplug ?

Lana Z.
It's really hard for me to do it, as my entire social life is now on my phone. But my advice would be to put your electronics somewhere that is hard to reach and to unplug your TV if the temptation is too strong. This way, doing things that you now do on auto-pilot (like turning on the TV, opening social media apps etc) will become less accessible and you will have to be intentional about it. Also, turning off notifications for some apps that usually distract you is a good idea. They can wait until morning and your mental health is more important than answering messages. I hope this was helpful and I just wanted to say that you are doing amazing just by using this app and trying to improve!
Meg F.
I moved all of my electronics out of my bedroom and into my office to charge my devices and once they are charged I shut them right off and I felt good the first time that I wanted that feeling every time! That’s what kept me doing it.
Angie J.
I view it as 'me' time before bedtime. Unwinding mentally and physically by breathing and stretching so I can sleep better