What time should I stop going on my phone at night?

Milo O.
Depends on when you would like to wake up/go to bed. For example I like to go to sleep by 10 so my phone gets put away at 9.

Morris O.
I am a 28 year old. I don’t currently have children which i believe gives me more time to sit and scroll through the nonsense of social media. I find it difficult, but when I unplug around 9:00pm, i find i sleep better and feel better about my evening. Sometimes, i even get things done such as cleaning or a journal entry. My goal is to eventually get to 7pm unplug but one step at a time.

Gerald C.
I say 8:00PM. If you are thinking of sleeping at 10:00 stop at 8:00 and read a book, or lay flat on your back and just stare at the ceiling milling over your day, or if you want to be a little tired before bed do a simple exercise no jumping or parkour just some movement to get ur blood flowing.

Zeina A.
Well maybe 2 hours before you go to bed in that time you could read your book it might be long reading a book for 2 hours so you could bake something or have a night snack

Sunshine N.
I usually stop about an hour before my bedtime, but as much as I’d like to completely stay off my phone when I get to bed I can’t bc my boyfriend and I try to call each other so we can sleep together because neither of us can sleep without eachother

Lena A.
My husband and I have a rule of 9:30, which is about an hour and a half to two hours before we go to sleep. Unfortunately, I listen to a guided meditation before I go to sleep… which is on my phone. So it's not an entirely set rule. Just not actively on the phone after 9:30.

Felecia W.
About an hour before when you want to fall asleep. Its best to plan for 8 hours sleep, so when you should go to bed depends on when you have to wake up. It takes time for our minds to Wind down from even the smallest bit of stimuli. Trade scrolling through your phone for something calmer on your brain like a book or a pod cast or a pre set play list.

Rochi N.
I stop using my phone anytime from half an hour to an hour before I go to sleep. So I usually stop using it when I start my night time routine.

Felix A.
I turn off my phone as soon as I go through the door of my bedroom to go to bed. My bedroom is my sanctuary and keeping my phone out, keeps me more relaxed.

Andrea I.
I've had better results when I put my phone away as soon as I come home and plug my phone in to charge. I'm much more productive because i'm not distracted and checking my phone during tasks. But sometimes I need to be so I shoot for atleast an hour before bed.

Asad N.
I’ve tried the time based approach, and it doesn’t work. At least it didn’t for me. What you can do is connect your stopping of using devices with one of the things you do in the evening. Such as “After dinner I will stop using my phone for the evening.” Or “after I put my kids to bed I will put my phone away.” It becomes easier when it’s part of a routine flow, rather than watching the clock.

Sophia C.
I should probably stop going on it a lot earlier than I do. Usually it’s around 9:30-10:00 though I wish it was more 8:00

Daniel W.
ive noticed that i get obessessed or focussed on anything i do to the point that it doesn't occur to me to "switch off". This is is bittersweet as on one hand i am task oriented but on the other hand I can lose sight of the outcome and the cost of it's quality as well as 2nd, 3rd and 4th order consequences such as staying up until 3 am to complete some work tasks for clients but averaging 4 hours sleep per night over the last 70 nights and being less sharp with less effective memory and mood.

ive set my even routin to midnight but i think I'll change it to eleven pm as the routine currentlt takes 30min and i think 15 to 30 min in quiet, cool darkness will still my mind

i hope sharing my own experience and plans has helped.

it would be a good idea to stop going on your phone a hour before you intende to sleep or .ore depending on youre needs and how difficult/long it takes for you to prep and sleep.

also, the habit of just changing or ceasing your course appears truly powetful so randomly turning the tv, phone, lights off without hesitation is what i believe will be powerful change for me. doesn't matter where in the movie or series or game i am i can come back to it and committing to finishing such things earns you nothing at all and costs you sleep time, health, sharpness

Joann Y.
I usually stop using my phone about 45 minutes before bed and start reading to get more relaxed and when I feel my eyes are so heavy Imma stop and sleep.

D Rthe I.
Take half hour on settle down myself, ready my bed, bring a bottle of water and put at bedside, do some reading for half an hour.

Samantha F.
I think going off the phone before dinner time is the most important goal. Being in the present moment is so important when sitting with family, especially children, and also good for gratitude practice as well as being an attentive eater and supporting digestion. This is my ideal – I don't always manage to stay off my phone the rest of the night. I frequently check before bed to plan my next day and check in on friends. But limiting mindless scrolling by deleting FB, LinkedIn, Twitter and the like almost eight months ago has been wonderful!

Sepideh U.
Well according to psychological research, the best time for leaving the phone at night is three hours before sleep. And it doesn't only contain phones, but also TVs, computers or any digital supply. Doing so will help having a better night sleep and improved sleep hygiene.

Lua P.
My night routine is about 45 mins long and once I start it, my phone is only for checking off the tasks, and it doesn't come into bed with me

Tyrone Z.
Atleast by 10pm. It will give you time to develop other before sleep rituals like reading a book or meditating. So, you not only get some good sleep but also wake up more fresh

L Cia Q.
There's no specific time you should leave your phone aside andturn off all the screens and distractions in general. You should turn them off like at least an hour before going to bed. Instead you can do something more relaxing that will help you fell asleep more easily, like reading a book, having a nice hot bath or maybe even writing ypyr journal if that works for you. Just find what makes you feel good and peaceful.

Giorgio E.
I would Say It depends on which time do you plain to sleep. You can try to turno It off about an hour earlier then going to bed and dedicate the lady hour of the day to your evening routine

Morgane Z.
I like to put my phone away around an hour before I go to sleep. It helps me calm down and relax without worrying about social media related stress.

Benjamin W.
I would say an hour before you plan on closing your eyes for the night. Earlier is always better so your body can be flooded with melatonin and drift off to sleep. Also always your brain to spin itself out and slow down.

Vernon Z.
For me, my sleeping hour is around midnight so around 11 o clock pm i dim all the lights including the Tv and the phone (if i want to check it after that i set the night mode anyway so the screen light is more gentle on my eyes)

Kowsar M.
It depends on your sleep time.fo example ,if I want to sleep at 10 ,I disconnect my phone and laptop at 9. one to two hour before sleep time ,is the best choice

Lauren E.
I wouldn't say a specific time, more number of minutes before bed. I switch off an hour before bed and ensure I don't use my phone in the bedroom.