How do I stop going on my phone so much?

Donald E.
I use an app called Forest! It lets me plant cute little trees and earn background sounds to play during timers – and if you leave the app to check something on your phone while the tree is growing (timer is on) – the tree dies and you can try again. You can turn that function off if you don’t do well with negative reinforcement, but it’s good accountability if you suck at not texting like myself, haha. You can write what you’re doing during that time too (I study, cuz med school) – and I use it to track progress through my day too! It feels good to go back and be like – yes, I DID do something with my day 😂😂 AND to see cute little trees in your forest 🙂 the nice thing is the dead ones sometimes don’t look so bad either – so even a failed attempt is still an attempt that can be celebrated 🙂 (OH! And you can earn coins with successful time being off phone – and buy silly trees too!) It’s my favorite app to use as a focus thing, and really helps he stay off my phone/be productive 🙂
Jade C.
First find the reason you go on your phone so much and evaluate the time spent. Get rid of useless apps or use time limiting feature on phone. Have blackout days.
Liara A.
When I have a hard time putting my phone down it’s usually for one of two reasons.
1. I’m procrastinating (which for me means I’m not attending to my emotions properly).
2. I’m anxious and trying not to be (which is also me not attending to my emotions properly).

So for me, when I’m too glued to my phone and I notice it, I put it face down away from me and journal to get my emotions under control.