How do you try to unplug throughout the day?

Alvarino S.
I don't really do this much, as there is always so much to do. Sometimes I'll sit down with a drink and try and do nothing else, but the tendency to either pick up my phone or ruminate on things is always difficult to prevent.
Michelle Y.
If I need to unplug I will go to another room, or walk inside the house, engage in a different activity like cooking or making a tea. Sometimes I will even lay down in bed, close my eyes and try to connect to my body and my feelings.
Mamede Z.
Set limits on your most used apps, find hobbies that are more interesting than your phone, go outside, try something new
Neva S.
I have a rough “time map” or time slots where I work and where I rest. I have alarms set up on my phone to trigger each of these timeslots. It tells me when I need to focus, and when I can relax. To take a mental break I will go outside.
Arianna L.
I try to unplug by leaving my phone in my apartment and going up to the roof of my building to sit and read. And to enjoy the sunshine and the scenery.
Henry U.
I really don’t. But sometimes when I feel I have been on the phone or an electronic device too long I shut my eyes for a couple of seconds and turn the laptop off. Then I open my eyes and go to my room without looking at my phone and do an activity I enjoy. I also set a timer each time I use my phone so it can let me know when to put it down 🙂
Shereen V.
I turn off my notifications or turn them into silent mode, then I take a novel or may be sketchbook and sat under the sky if in night or in the garden at day and something creative that can freshen up my mind. This is my routine how I can uplug throughout the day. In this time its better to have coffee and freshen yourselves✨
Marshall O.
I try and make sure I’m not using my phone or the internet mindlessly. If I find myself endlessly scrolling, I’m usually seeking or in need of something else, and I stop when I notice myself doing this and try and see what I actually need. Maybe I’m tired or I need to get up and move, eat or sleep, or do something else. Maybe I need to take a walk. I’m trying to make a habit of watching for those needs to take care of them before they result in mindless browsing and getting glued to the screen.
Akanksha F.
Right now, I'm trying to find order in my suddenly not so chaotic life. Sometimes my feelings overwhelm me and I overcome that by reading my journal and gratitude list
Ruth G.
I leave my phone in another room if I really want to disconnect and focus on something.

If I'm spending time with my Husband, watching a film etc. I leave my phone in my bedroom.

Noham G.
Good question. It made me realize that I don't take enough moments to unplug throughout the day (Maybe should do it a bit more often 🙂 ). However, when I do take those brief moments of peace, I usually take some deep breaths and contemplate nature (I love contemplating the sky, it brings me peace). Something I do religiously is disconnect from everything when I am having lunch. Lunch time for me is sacred. When having lunch, I usually sit somewhere where I can look out the window so that I can contemplate the sky and the trees. Hope my experience helps!

A warm hug,

Perfeito F.
Set phone timers though out the day to give yourself at least 10 minutes every few hours to just unplug. Try going outside for a few minutes without any devices or cook your own meals without being tuned into a device
Christine O.
I take 25 seconds break were I will close my eyes for 25 seconds and focus on nothing. This helps especially when I am on my phone too much.
Robin Z.
I talk to my friends and family. I also try to stretch and do yoga in the day. If I feel bad I will get in the shower to reset in a way. I feel like there shower and that water is really my hoot space. I use the shower and take my time there when I am feeling overwhelmed so I use that to unplug a lot. I know it is one place I’m pretty much guaranteed privacy. I also unplug by working out. If I don’t do it in the morning the pint of energy gets to me by the afternoon. Normallly just moving and even if that movement is just taking peanut outside it really helps me to unplug sometimes
Olga N.
I don't walk around all day with my phone. At mealtime I don't bring phone to the table. I can go to sleep with out my phone.
Noemie Y.
I meditate I have gained alot off weight but also have over come heroin and crack cocaine addition so I try to walk also but they can be hour or five mins depending on how much iv done that day
Rosanna R.
I just leave the phone where I charge it at night. I grab a book, puzzle or sit together with my family to read a story for my kids and talk about Jesus. It actually goes long ways, we wnd up talking about deep subjects of school, life, government… even chores. It's a really nice way to end the day. You should try it.
Tomothy I.
I am fortunate to be in a job that does not involve much IT. So apart from my phone, I don't have too many electronic distractions.
As a nanny I don't spend too much time on my phone unless we are googling or taking photo's (one of my favourite things to do). I do check Facebook a little too often in the evenings. To combat this, I charge my phone in a different room to keep distraction at bay, so i can focus on family time/myself
Victoria F.
I try to play with my sister . So like we would go outside and get so wet one of us would sit under the trampoline and the other would pour bucket
Mason X.
I use my phone's digital wellbeing tools to set my phone in do not disturb every night and put my screen in grey scale. During the day, I use tools like Focusmeter to organize periods of intense work and short breaks.
Stephanie U.
Reading a book helps, along with just leaving your phone somewhere. There are also apps such as forest that help you unplug
Keith F.
I hear all the time "there's an app for that." Well as counterproductive as it sounds, there's an app for that. I have an app where I set up how long I want to unplug and I press start. I can put my screen to sleep, but as long as I keep the app up, a tree or plant will grow as the time counts down. It's a cute, fun way of unplugging and you can do it for whatever. The only time it penalizes you is when you leave the app before the time is up, in which your tree dies.