What is their evening routine and why?

Sonam F.
Gratitude for the day which has gone by to appreciate it. My bedtime affirmations to end the day well. Finally unplug from my devices for a while before sleep to give me some time away from the screen.

Clifford U.
As someone who has struggled with insomnia and unhealthy patterns with sleep, having a nightly routine that is desirable is what I’ve found to work best for me. For me, that’s necessary beauty regimen ( wash face (if haven’t Already done so/ toner/ night cream. Upped my pajama game (I live alone) so making sure I’m not in crummy looking sweats 24/7 is key (especially in the pandemic). I always have two waters for bed – I drink a lot of water! Essential oils on Feet with cozy socks, wrists and temples, do not disturb on my phone from 10pm-7am and no tv past a half hour before desired sleep time (so shut off find is usually 10pm) . I use that half hour following to read/ listen to a podcast that will usually put me to sleep. Lights are off at 10pm unless I’m reading, I like being cooler bc you can always add layers, hot sleep is the worst!

Agn W.
Writing a positivity journal every evening and then editating before sleep; calms me down and helps me focus on the good things in life, reinforces my gratitude

Eug Nia S.
My evening routine consists of washing my face, brushing my teeth, taking my meds and playing with my dogs. I was lacking in all of these areas and now I am completing them every evening.

Ne Teles P.
I usually do a face routine with florencebymills products. Then I’ll go to my room and read a book or I will scroll on Instagram for a little then go to sleep