Do you use a separate app to “disconnect” when it comes to phone distractions

Yvonne G.
I have the alarm on my iPhone set on a sleep/wake cycle. When it’s wind down time, my phone goes to Do Not Disturb mode. There are short cuts in this mode so that I can access my sleep app (Calm) without opening the rest of my phone or seeing notifications or any other distractions till morning.
Arianna T.
Yes, sometimes I use a different app to listen to a sound bath, or just play some music or guided meditation. Last week I didn’t do as good but this week I am back on track. I hopefully have a job lined up which will make a huge difference on my ability to focus and remain positive.
Ethan L.
Personally, I use the “Flora” app to block out my phone when I want to work. This isn’t the only one that’s out there, but I find that it generally works for me. I also usually try to put my phone out of sight/reach as an extra layer of security.