Advices to disconnet from my iphone

L Ane Q.
Go into your phone's settings and set up the daily usage limit and bedtime (it will limit the apps that you can use until the morning)
Renata S.
Give yourself time to be on your phone before you start your bedtime Routine. Set a timer and put your phone out of reach and on silent when the time goes off. Remind yourself you can look at it when you wake up. There is nothing on your phone now that won’t be there in the am
Lea F.
Just try to focus on the
interesting book instead – that would be much more interesting than iPhone, especially in the sleeping
Chloe T.
When I want to disconnect from my phone, I put it on airplane mode and plug it in to charge. By putting it on airplane mode, you prevent your phone from connecting to service or internet and won’t receive message. I also recommend putting it on “Do Not Disturb” mode because that’s helpful. The best thing you can do, though, is shutting it off and leaving it in a different room. I do this occasionally too, but prefer airplane mode so that my phone can continue to charge while I disconnect. In the mean time while away from your phone, try going for a brisk walk or stretching.
Milo Z.
When going into a place you plan to be for awhile, uninterrupted (ie. family dinner, church worship service, etc.), turn your phone completely off. Keep apps you don't *need* daily off the homescreen to decrease visibility. Even when it's on, keep it out away (in a purse) or sitting somewhere that you have to physically walk to to get it. The less easily accessible it is, the less you'll use it.
Lily U.
Prioritize which apps or emails you want to view. Determine how much time you want to spend looking at your iPhone, then set a timer. When ur out of time too bad plug your phone in. If you argue with yourself so will everyone else. Also, I struggled cause of this app I would pick my phone up excited to check of that I disconnected and unplugged. Only to find myself back online doing something stupid. Now when I check off my morning Routine I check off my night routine also