How long before you target sleep time do you disconnect and unplug?

Yvonne O.
Not as soon as I should. I am often playing video games or on my phone to the point I get too tired and then put a show or movie on and sleep on the couch for some extended period of time. So, overall not the healthiest sleep schedule or patterns, but that's why I'm using this app now!
Lloyd U.
I don’t have a target sleep time. Well, I do but I don’t ever end up sleeping at that time. I’m really bad at staying away from my phone before bed. I play games or read books on it before bed. Sometimes, I fall asleep doing those things.
No Lie N.
I dont give myself enough time. I sometimes work to the point of exhaustion. Other times i take a break after work from home. Go to gym gor an hour or have supper, chill with the family. I always make a point of praying / meditation before I fall asleep.