How do you resist the urge to mindlessly look at your phone when you decided that will be your unplug time?

Emily S.
Keep yourself busy, or just put it somewhere away from you. Then do nothing that either you like or that takes away the time and it feels like a short period of time when you’ve been at it for much longer.
Felix W.
If you have an Iphone you can make it that you have to use a code during specific hours or put it down somewhere far away (maybe even turned off)
Minnie J.
I'm not sure if this will help, but I'll turn my phone and anything electronics off so I'll know that it will take some time to turn them back on. I also like to do other things to keep my mind busy like reading, drinking tea, meditating, drawing or writing, making plans or lists on paper, etc. Whenever I tend to look at my phone and mindlessly scroll through it, it's usually due to boredom or my mind just isn't occupied enough. Good luck and I hope this helps 👏🌟
Michelle Q.
I am an avid reader, so I normally just read for a while to disconnect. I usually have my phone playing ambient sounds out of reach so I don't go for it.
Teresa E.
I put my phone outside of my bedroom or out of reach from where I am. I charge my phone in the living room at night and just have a battery powered alarm clock. This system works really well for me so I’m not scrolling aimlessly and decrease screen time before bed
Isabella Z.
I like to do some meditating in this time (I use Headspace) which lets me calm and gets me in the mood for sleep. During this time I have my eyes closed and tend not to think about my phone.
Frida F.
Put your phone in a place you wont touch it, also set a time limit of how long this unplug time will be. Do something active or productive like cleaning or reading.
Noham O.
I wrestle with this a lot…I turn it off and put it in my desk drawer. Remembering the time before cellphones and that everything can wait till my offline time ends. They can call the house phone number in an emergency.
Brooke Q.
Remove the phone, turn it off, if I am going to unplug, I pay attention to my subconscious and if I find that I am picking it back up I apply a different strategy to keep my word to myself, the most important avenue of this app is the ability to really practice self introspection. If I have a habit that I can’t maintain I can remove it, pay close attention if I am denying myself success because I actually can’t do it. We all have seasons in our life , the opportunity will arise again
Rosana Z.
That s An great question… tonight I unplugged way later than I should have. I let the Airbnb enquiry get in then way, I had a get really vulnerable. I also let my expectations of how Michael should be acting get in the way of my happiness. I also comfort ate. A lot. I need to get chocolate in the house for these times because I can’t overeat dark chocolate…
Sammy P.
I set my phone to completely turn off at 111pm till my alarm at 6am. My phone takes forever to turn back on and due to that inconvient part about breaking the phone cerfew eventually you just learn it's not worth it after it turns off.
Lena P.
I leave my phone on a youtube talk down, or I set it down across the room and tell myself once I’m relaxed, I can’t get up unless it’s necessary. I had to rewire my brain to realize my phone isn’t necessary.
Ma Lia I.
I tend to leave it somewhere away from me and then I do something I like, or meditate or keep myself busy, and if you resist the urge after a while you’ll find it has actually been longer than you think.
Frederikke C.
I’m a night reader and do it before bed. But I truly try to feel excited for the morning. Which makes me put my phone down.