What are some things that I can do to relax without technology that is not reading or meditation?

Vreni N.
Musical instrument, yoga or fitness of some sort, jigsaw puzzles, knitting or crochet, cards or boardgames, gardening, sitting in a lawn chair or sunbathing, cooking or baking, drawing or coloring, woodworking, … everyone does something else in their free time that they find relaxing. Try out different things until you find something you enjoy. If you’re having fun, it will relax you.
Otto J.
I think the most important is to build a great night routine. In that way you keep yourself busy whilst feeling satisfied when it’s done. I like to take a hot shower or bath because it really makes me relax and well it’s a routine. Another example is to journal and plan out the next day and if you had a to do list check if you have done everything. My favourite tough is listening to music cause it really puts me in a good mood