I have a habit of falling asleep with my phone in my hands. I find I can’t turn my mind off, so falling asleep while scrolling distracts me until i pass out. Reading doesn’t work since I have to switch the light off. Any ideas on breaking this habit?

Sophia O.
In order to get used to sleeping without scrolling, you’ll have to try to fall asleep without your phone in your hands. you could try soft music/ambience sounds, warm drinks, soft lighting, or turning off your phone an hour before bed to help you fall asleep, but just remember that even lying in the dark is good for your brain, so if you can’t fall asleep for a while, it’s no problem 🙂 you’ll make it there eventually, just get used to falling asleep without any distractions & you won’t need your phone again!

Didi F.
I think we all have the same problem .. but lets think together:) may be you can read on a small lamp that its light may be as the phone’s light … may ba you can leave the phone before sleep each day for just 5 min to meditate or pray or to put face and hand cream .. till reaching to leave the phone before bed an hour .. just a note in my opinion.. don’t be hard on yourself if you already sleeps well so you need to break this habit if you’re convinced you have to .. you may be change what you are doing on the phone before bed .. not just scrolling.. you can read something fun or write your thoughts in the end of day .. or think about tomorrow’s to do list ….
I hope this is useful 😉

Shaunicer W.
Start putting your phone in the other room to charge instead of keeping it in your room. If you use your phone as an alarm clock, find something else like go buy one or use your watch. Once you put your phone in the other room, you won't reach over and look at it or use it because it won't be there.

Erstename S.
I used to have this problem myself, and after plenty of research, I have found the solution. It's surprisingly simple, and natural, actually. Most importantly, make it a habit to do nothing except sleep, or meditate in your bed. If you must do something, try to read or write under a nearby lamp. While you work on this habit, begin meditation. Meditation is nothing fancy. Just listen to, and observe your breath. Your focus will drift away very easily at first, but once you notice that it has gone somewhere else, simply, and gently, bring your focus back to your breath. Another option is to listen to and observe your thoughts. This is harder than observing your breath, as it's easier to get sucked into thinking. You'll find that your thoughts are probably much more active than anything you can do on your phone. Eventually, after a while, you will be able to gently bring your mental wildness under your own control, with frequent practice. This habit building and the meditation isn't easy (at first), but it's well worth the effort. It'll save your eyes, mind, body, spirit, and your phone's lifespan. Good luck!

Aleksej Q.
Try having a herbal sleepy tea, putting the phone down, and using a lamp instead of the main light. Maybe put some quiet soothing music on as well

Lynn G.
When I am stressed out and I can't sleep, I find it helps me to put meditation sounds (with a timer) and take deep breaths

Florent Y.
I have the same problem actually. Right now I’m trying to find some willpower to put my phone away and fall asleep instead of scrolling through social feeds. The only solution I’ve found out for now is using my imagination. I put my phone away and start imagine my dreams come true (like strong romantic relationship, moving abroad or achieving other super inspiring goals). Thus it’s so comfortable for me to fall asleep. The only con is that if when I go to bed I have still some energy and resources, I can go so far in my thoughts than I’m lucky if I fall asleep by 1.30-2.00 am. However this process has had a long-lasting effect of relief, self-awareness and better understanding of my own feelings. So it’s quite tricky, but helps falling asleep definitely more than social feeds scrolling.

Gabriela N.
Listen to audios with the screen facing down.
It could be nature sounds, the latest novel in your liked genre, or Ted talks.
Inspiring stories or science based research.
Set the sound to as low as possible. Set a timer on your device to turn all apps off at a certain time.
I also do a 5 posture yoga sequence before bed that helps with deeper sleep.
If it really bothers you, you'll try something new.

Anastasiia F.
I had that habit too, the secret to breaking it is in having a consistent and long night routine. Start it about 2 hours before going to bed. Draw, take a long shower, stretch, drink tea, write a to-do list (on paper not in phone).

Mads E.
I like to have everything very organized so what I normally do is to put my phone in the night table and then I lay down thinking and making plans for the next day, usually I fall asleep very fast and without touching the phone

Michaela X.
Hi! I had a similar issue and habit. My mind was constantly at work. I used to watch Netflix to try to distract myself into falling asleep. But I wanted to change that habit. I experimented such as thinking positive thoughts, reading positive affirmations, and flexing and releasing my muscles head to toe. It didn’t really work for me. What did work is an app called Calm. I listen to their sleep stories every night and it relaxes me enough to fall asleep quickly. I believe some sleep stories are available with the free version of the app. It couldn’t hurt to give it a try!

David N.
I think the hardest part is to introduce routine to your sleeping pattern – always go to bed at the same time ( or as close to ). I have recently switched to going to bed at 10 pm and after 2 weeks my brain automatically knows it’s time to unwind as it mellows down. I also drink camomile an hour before bed and avoid late eating. I stop using my phone at precisely given time and just put it aside. I read a bit while playing ambient sounds in the background. When I feel my eyes are becoming heavy, I put the book down and turn off the light, no matter what. I also use a sleep mask to not be distracted by any lights. Believe me, I fall asleep in no time. As an alternative to a book, you might want to try graphic novels – I found them much more relaxing, I guess it’s due to amount of colour on their pages – not sure thought

Kathryn O.
You don't have to do this, but I up and deleted my social media because I was spending HOURS a day on it. Not having social media to turn to at night leaves you to your own devices, and you can watch tv or take 30 minutes to read before you turn the light off; drink some water, and you’ll be ready for bed!

Adriana O.
Try listening to ASMR videos! There are many different versions coving different topics and triggers, and there are many videos dedicated to helping you sleep. If you love a particular trigger/role play, then you can search for it specifically. If you don’t, just click out of it, choose a different one and you know what ones to avoid in the future.

My personal favourite channels are Fred’s Voice, ASMR Latte, ASMR TingTing and Ephemeral Rift.

Bobby P.
I use to be like this, until o found that listening to something soothing and having a salt lamp with essential oils in it helps me sleep. Always practicing deep slow breathing helps aswel

Atika E.
Yes put your phone on mute Mode and don't disturb too
Or if this idea don't work than turn your phone off or whatever suits you

Christian Q.
Try to use the bed only for sleeping. No reading, no scrolling, nothing like that. If you are not tired, get out of bed and do something relaxing like reading or meditating, maybe a hot shower? Then try to sleep again. Your brain will then connect bed and sleep, which may make it easier to fall asleep once you go to bed.
Also try to turn off screens like 1-2 hours before bedtime, or if that is too much for you, use blue screen filters. But for me personally it really helps to shut off all devices, so I can do the thinking before I go to bed.
Tea with lavender in it might also help?
A really good book on this whole topic is The Power of When. I am currently listening to it on audible and it already taught me a lot. Maybe you are going to bed at the wrong time? The guy who wrote the book also has a Ted talk, I forget his name, but Google will find it for you.
I hope one of the ideas was helpful! Also sorry for any mistakes, I am not a native speaker…
Stay strong and don't give up! I am proud of you for trying to change something. You can do it. Don't forget to smile! 🙂

Michel N.
The most efficient way is to leave the phone out of the bed room straight away. It is such a liberating experience. What calms me down before sleep is practicing the Wim Hof method.

Taranom N.
You can solve a sudoko game in the morning for relaxing your mind and before falling asleep you can drink warm water, play meditate song or you can write everything that are in your mind so you will fall asleep easily.

Libby G.
How about audio books? It stops the internal dialogue but equally doesn’t involve staring at a blue light with content you aren’t choosing.

Willianne I.
Have you ever thought about relaxation exercises? Like a breathing exercise where you learn to focuse only on your breathing or one where you tighten all your muscles one by one and learn to feel what happens in your body. But what I'm learning myself is to write down all those thoughts that are wandering around so my mind is not so distracted when I go to bed. Maybe the problem isn't falling asleep but somewhere else in your bedtime routine or daily schedule. That is a common problem like mine.

Tina A.
You can consider shutting down all your devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime, make sure you just relax and be mindful, grateful about yourself. If could, don’t study or work or do anything that makes you stressful and anxious or stimulated before bed. Reading is also highly recommended to calm your mind and easily make you fall asleep.
Whatsoever, it’s ok. It’s perfectly fine that you can’t sleep and have trouble with having a nice sleep. Remember, success won’t happen in one night, but the whole journey might 🙂 Keep your hope and your consistency, you can do it!

Sohan O.
Maybe a tea before bed would help, and then get off all the devices, lay in your bed and just think about your day, your dreams , beautiful things, etc…

Ralfe Q.
Hello there! I understand you, personally have this from time to time. I think that you have to focus on positive things like plans for the coming week. Probaly, you can't sleep because the racing thoughts are negative or, maybe they are just stressful. Try to relax before sleeping, maybe reading a book before will help. Keep phone away ( You feel you can't sleep… turn to the phone… waste precious time only to get even less sleep… ) and just close your eyes, maybe try to focus on one thing and try to sleep. Another solution is to just let the thoughts to race, lose track and eventually ..zzz

Know that your mind work even harder while sleeping so don't thing about shutting down thoughts.
I hope you will become better. One thing I have to tell you… DON'T TURN TO THE PHONE IF YOU CAN'T SLEEP. Passing out while using the phone is not healthy for you ( also the blue light from the screens will harm your sleep quality ). Also try to sleep and get up *at the same time*, exercise a bit during the day, eat well, drink, relax before going to bed. As you see, many things will affect your sleeping. Try to get better at all that little by little. And remember, you can get better! Good luck!!

Sigfried T.
Turning all screens off one hour before bed has made a big difference for me. Maybe try a Hue light bulb, they are expensive but they last forever and you can set it up on a timer or alarm. Then you can read a good old book and the light goes off on it’s own. Good luck!

Ganna E.
You can try reading from the phone or tablet, but of course it is better to fully disconnect from electronic devices. Try keeping a diary and writing in the evening – this will help settling the thoughts. Also, meditation will be a great way to turn off the thoughts.

Rosie R.
I would say to try meditating, you don’t have to sit up. You could try one of those YouTube videos of meditation to fall asleep. It was very helpful for me when I had trouble sleeping or just to relax my mind and body and feel at peace

Daniel P.
I also often do that. I think a big role is played by the fact that I have my phone pluged and charging right next to my bed. I tried buying an alarm watch that I keep next to my bed and putting the charger for my phone on the other side of the room. This way, before going to bed, if I want my phone to charge I need to put it on the other side of the room, in a place where I cannot reach it before falling asleep.

Gloria S.
Try meditation. I know it sounds hippie-like but it really helps! There’s are many apps you can get for you’re phone; the one I use is called Meditate. There’s also sounds you can listen to that help you to nod off. 🙂

Nancy Z.
I have the same issue, the only way it’s sticking with the routine of not using it in bed. I still watch tele to sleep and you don’t need to worry about getting up if it’s on a timer

Anna E.
Put your phone away or turn it off at least two hours prior to bedtime and/ leave your phone out of your bedroom like in the living room somewhere where you won’t be tempted to scroll when you’re trying to go to sleep

Diala X.
I do the same thing, but not every night. A way to deal with this is to start saying “I can turn my mind off” and only go to bed when you are very sleepy and can fall asleep. Also you can leave your phone in another room.

Rh P.
Ask myself, Is self discipline important to me? Am I making it a must and priority in my life? If yes, then following message is the recommendation.

Since this is a habit to fall asleep, there must be a pattern of “when to fall asleep.” While using the phone, set an alarm to remind me 10 minutes, or any appropriate time, before I usually fall asleep. When the alarm comes off, I simply put down the phone, no matter how interesting and intriguing it is, just stop.

Annabel F.
Instead of scrolling, try reading a novel on your phone. Most reading apps have a way to dim your screen. Our use the Apple reader the most and prefer the dark gray screen. That way we can pull asleep the phone falls out of your hand and the light goes off automatically. Plus it marks where are you Left off reading. Are use my pad, because it's bigger but it works with the phone just as well. I also read books but I have a small reading light, which I put on the dimmer setting, so if I do fall asleep, it's not bright enough to wake me up again.

Kana B.
yeah, i always use my phone until i get tired, and if im bored in the middle of the night or i wake up, i always rely on my phone

Kaz N.
It’s really hard – we all do it. Especially if we are comfortable with the technology. The only way I found to do this is drastic: plugin my phone to charge in a separate room.

Kelly E.
I’ve been there myself and this habit can be hard to break this habit, but motivation will make it easier. Try having a night light on and listen to an audiobook or calming music. This will make your brain concentrate till you fall asleep. Hope this helps!

Natalie F.
Meditating before falling asleep should help quiet the thoughts or watching a funny show before falling asleep to ease stress or anxiety.

Constance O.
Find something to make it hard to go on your phone. Apple iPhones have screen limits where you automatically have to type in a password every time you open an app once you pass a certain time set. I use a Sleep Cycle app that monitors my sleep but also discourages me from using my phone by blocking notifications. I tell myself that once I’ve started the app, I am not allowed to go on my phone.

Ann F.
I too used to have trouble falling asleep without a screen to distract me. I found that audio books were a great way to do it. Set the volume on the lower side, able to be heard but not too loud that you couldn’t fall asleep. Pick an interesting book, fiction would be best cause it makes your mind imagine more like your dreams, and just enjoy it. Soon enough you may fall asleep and over time you can switch to just peaceful music or such.

Jamie N.
Instead of scrolling I have some gentle podcasts I listen to. There is: No Such Thing as a Fish, In Our Times, The Adam Buxton Podcast and the Sleep With Me podcast. I set it to finish at the end of an episode automatically and genuinely listen to it with a reminder to myself that I don't have to go to sleep.

Usually however I put my phone on charge in another room and I have a good book ALWAYS on the go on my paperwhite kindle so I can read it on a low light level in the dark. I fall asleep with it in my hand and manage to stuff it under my pillow. If I am having a bad time I occasionally get back up and go and write in a journal, just on and on until my head is empty and I can't be bothered to write anything else out.

Enola N.
If you like to read at bight but don’t want to leave on a room light. Purchase a book light. They clip onto your book and read until you fall asleep.

Vito F.
You could plug your light into a timer socket that switches off at a certain time. And read. You can try breathing exercises. Google and YouTube may have guided audio breathing exercises and meditations. Check out „Progressive muscle relaxation“ and „autogenic training“ are good terms to search for. I have anxiety issues and I find autogenic training very useful when I cannot sleep and my mind is racing.

Kent P.
If you find that scrolling is your best option, I'd recommend switching to reading using your phone. Kindle app, fanfiction, whatever floats your boat. That way you're still reading, and even if you're still *using* your phone, you're still disconnecting from social media for the night. I also have been trying to limit my overall phone use around two hours before I lay down, to get me out of the habit of being on it constantly.

Steve C.
Oh my gosh I do this too, I always try to have my phone across the room so when my alarm goes off you can’t hit snooze and have to actually get up to turn of yourself alarm. As for scrolling, I have a time limit on my phone for 10:30pm so all apps turn off and I’m forced to go to sleep. You can try to look in settings and set a limit for yourself and have a family member set a passcode so you can stop your limit.
I hope this helps

Thibaut S.
I broke the same habit with my phone by downloading audio books and listening to books on my wireless earphones. I would put my phone on my nightstand and would listen until I feel asleep. After a while I set a time for my audiobook and it would turn of after 30 min. I liked not scrolling and I’m still using this method.

Christine G.
Listening to audiobooks helps me fall asleep when I can't turn my thoughts off. It works well, because both Overdrive (a free library app) and Audible (a paid audiobook app) have a timer feature, so I can set the book to turn off after 30 minutes, an hour, etc. I try to choose books that are familiar to me, with a feel-good vibe. If I've read the book before, it's easier to drift off. I'd recommend Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice"; any book in the "Mrs. Jeffries" Victorian mystery series by Emily Brightwell; any of Rex Stout's "Nero Wolfe" mysteries, read by Michael Pritchard. "Around the World in 80 Days," read by Michael Pritchard, is another wonderful feel-good book to fall asleep to. (And also stay awake for!) Try "The Wind in the Willows" too, if you can find a copy. Good luck, and sweet dreams!

Aira Z.
I am also the same. I like sleeping with my phone in my hands.but try putting it away in airplane mode and you'll be surprised how quickly you sleep. You see, your phone emits blue light and this wakes you up. It distracts you from falling asleep instead of helping you sleep.

Axel O.
I used to do the same before but then I have stopped this bad habit switching off my phone and putting it very far away from bed before going to sleep. I’d suggest to try it for some time even if first days you won’t pass out easily and then see what happens…

Charlotte P.
I like to meditate using the headspace app, I just play the sleep meditation and once it’s finished I feel so sleepy and tired I drift right off!

Zinaida C.
1. Before getting sleep, sit, take a pen and piece of paper and write all you think about
2. Think about the reasons of scrolling need (psychology)
3. Count sheep 🐑

Jonathan P.
Listening to something would be a good alternative. Audiobooks and podcasts can be set to turn off with a sleep timer on platforms like Audible and Spotify. Or you could even find a guided sleep meditation to listen to.

Meditating before going to bed would also help you to stop getting caught up in your mind. You don't have to get lost in thoughts, nor is it necessary to distract yourself from them if you learn to meditate.

Georgia F.
You could turn notifications off and put your phone on flight mode so you won't have notifications and messages popping up distracting you. Then put your phone away and put on a podcast, a guided sleep audio or some songs you like but set them to close when they finish, or after some time (after 30mins for example). Listening to someone talking makes me relaxed and I sleep quicker. Another option is to hear to an audiobook.
Important: sleep while it plays dont get up to pause it.
Tip: You can pick an audiobook that you have already heard so you won't worry that you will miss something if you sleep.

T O Q.
I take magnesium to help me fall asleep you take it an hour before you’re planning on going to bed. It works great and it’s all natural!

Leo T.
The first step will be not to take the phone with you into the bedroom. Arrange a charger in the kitchen and leave the phone there for the night as soon as you change to your nightwear. As an alarm clock, head to the secondhand store to find one of these good ol’ alarm clocks. If you still want to have your phone in the bedroom charge it far from your bed, far enough that you cannot reach it while laying down.

Kylee N.
I had that problem too. What worked for me was setting a limit on my phone to where all the apps would shut off. Another thing I did was put my phone all the way across the room so I wasn’t tempted to touch it. Also, if it is hard for you to fall asleep I think that exercising or doing yoga or meditating before bed could help you become more tired. Last thing, going to bed at the same time every night can help because your mind will be trained to be ready for bed. I do this and about 30 minutes before my “timed” bedtime I start to get tired because my brain is trained to know it’s bedtime. Hope any of that helped. 😉

Jen Y.
Why don’t you download a book to your phone or tablet? That way you’re still reading a book but no light issue?

If you’re trying to stop looking at a screen, try a book on tape so you can listen to it and set a sleep timer.

Will O.
Put your phone to charge in a different room. Then try breathing/mindfulness to fall asleep. Try to commit to 5 nights, and before you know it you won't need it.

It's really not that difficult