If you’ve disconnected – how do you tick off “disconnected” in Fabulous lol

Isabela Z.
quando eu digo que estou desconectada, me refiro a redes sociais e conversas logo antes de ir deitar. as vezes é inevitável usar o telefone para fazer algo bom antes de dormir, como ler, meditar ou usar o Fabulous para chegar meus hábitos diários.

Alex Z.
lol, I just wait until the next morning, go back to yesterday’s checklist, and then I check it.
Hope this helped 🙂

Madison O.
I usually tell myself "I am going to stay off of my phone right after I check off the task." Once I do just that, I immediately shut off my phone and put it aside for the rest of the night. So, ticking the check box doesn't count as you still being on your phone, in my opinion, as long as you plan on staying off of it afterwards.