What should I do if someone close is discouraging me or keep me away from the right track?

Caroline P.
People how can't do it then self. Will tell you, that you can't or should not believe you can! Truth is they can't! But this is no reason for you to be discouraged. You set the bar! You're the one how is going to reach it! Don't let them distracted you! You can do this, step by step! I believe you can! One ear in, other ear out! And back to your goal! Believe in your self and keep positive! Baby steps will get you there too. Time is your friend!
Soeiro S.
Deciding to change your lifestyle is a difficult but important step to take to a healthier life. Some people are too stuck in their ways or maybe jealous of not having the decision power to change. People might try to sabotage others so that they don't feel uncomfortable about themselves. I think it is important to let others know why you are changing and how much it matters to you. If people around you aren't there to help you grow and become a better self, then you need to get away from them. Assert yourself.
Isabete E.
Talk to them and tell them how you feel. In the convo I would set healthy boundaries with this person, tell them what is acceptable to you and what is not. Also tell them what you need from this person and what you don't need. If this person is that negative or toxic for your life you may need to cut them out of your life or at least put some distance between the two of you.
Amelia L.
what do I do as I try to remind myself that I am going to be a perfect one day and encourage myself by doing things..sometimes I listen to music or do yoga or thake a nap
Andre T.
There will be some specific reason they feel best not to support you – try and find out why they feel this way. Ask them, “is there a reason you’re not keen on me doing this?” If yes, explore and unpack this and when they feel like you understand them, try and see if they can understand why you want to do this. I’d the answer is no, then explain why you asked and how you feel when they do x, y, z to discourage or undermine your attempts to achieve your goals.
The key to shared vision is shared understanding.