I have a career that requires me to be social at late hours. I find it difficult to tear myself away before the rest of the group. I feel like I am being left out and feel extra subconsciously connected to my phone when I am intending to unwind and get a good night’s sleep. How do I disconnect under these circumstances? Any suggestions would help :)

Stephanie U.
That’s a hard one. Are there some members of the group you could share your journey with them? You may be please surprised by their reaction!
Emily C.
Hi there 😊 something that helps me switch off my phone is leaving it downstairs instead of beside my bed. A little tip, I hope this helps and you can implement it into your evening. Have a great day!
Homero C.
The need to unwind won’t change. But to do it by phone is the habit you want to get rid of. What could be ways to still fulfill that unwinding need without the harm of being on your phone?
Also try to pinpoint the exact need you have by being on your phone so you can adequately replace the bad habit for a good one.
Nicklas C.
Check in with yourself. Understand where your limits and prioritize your happiness first. If you are not happy in a space for extended amounts of time, then it’s time for you to leave that space. It may feel like you are missing out, but what you are gaining is comfort in your routine, taking time for yourself, which is never something to overlook. And before bed, make sure to limit temptations by charging your phone away from the bed. Set alarms so that you know when it’s time to put your phone away, and put it on silent or do not disturb (so that if someone is frantically looking for you they can still reach you). But this way you have removed the temptation to check. Now you just have to convince yourself that your rest is worth more. That you need that space and time to regain your strength, to refresh, so that you can be a better you tomorrow.