Need suggestions for night time relaxation

Reka Y.
Medatation is always good to do before you go to bed. It will relax your brain and might help you sleep. And when you wake up in the morning have a drink of water. That will help you to wake up your body.
Allegra N.
I like to make some herbal tea and read a novel, either a paperback or on our Kindle. Playing with/brushing the cat is also great! The important thing is to leave 30m to an hour before bedtime to do nothing, so you're not stressed by finishing dishes etc right before sleep
Assassina S.
Disconnect! Take a hot shower. Drink tea without caffeine or sugar. There is tea specially for night time. Real hot, because it will relax you. Put your phones and listen to guided relaxation.
Laila N.
I drink warm water, shut down my internet and put out all the lights, and some asmr sleep podcasts helps me to fade away