I’m used to sitting in my bed watching something on my laptop. How/where can I watch it instead.

Jesus W.
Sitting in your bed for long periods of time and watching something on your laptop is definitely affecting your health, and not in a good way. Though it may not appear to have visible or immediate effects, this habit is contributing to a multitude of hazards including gain in weight, laziness, weak eyesight etc. Instead, try going to the lounge or wherever in your house your television is placed and watch something on it. Or take your laptop to another room or your balcony/ any other open air space and get your usual dose of entertainment in a different environment. Also remember to take a quick break in regular intervals and stretch your body a bit. And if you're not too much of a busybody, try going to the cinema on weekends, preferably with loved ones.

Agathe P.
I would advise watching it on a tv in a living room. 1. The screen is bigger so it’s less harsh on your eyes to try focus a on smaller screen. 2. If you start getting used to watching stuff in bed it’s not really ideal to be able to sleep there your room is supposed to be your wind down place so if you start watching movies in there your going to start doing that when your supposed to be asleep
So overall I recommend watching it in a living room