Everything I try to do revolves around a phone meditation I use music exercising I use youtube reading is even on audio how do I turn thos damn phone off and still do what I need

Katelyn Y.
U can try apps that allow u to listen while turning off ur phone, like Spotify or Mixerbox (some app my dad uses but u can try) also Spotify has ambient sounds 🙂 just search for wut u need there’s a lot on there
Camila G.
Well I don’t turn off my phone, what I do is put on airplane mode to read and I search in Spotify a meditation, that’s it.
Alan Z.
Get a book to read, go into some meditation, burn some incense or some medicine like Sage oh, these are things that I do. Close my eyes and imagine but my life is going to be like more peaceful and content, how much more calm I will be in a reacting to the rest of the world.