How hard do people find it to disconnect away from there phone on an evening ?

Hans T.
I actually don’t find it that hard anymore. I make sure I’ve done everything I had to do at work for that day – and if I haven’t, I mentally visualize the to-do-list for the following day, so that I don’t get too anxious about uncompleted tasks. Once I’ve done this, I pick a movie or just go to bed and read and leave my phone far from me (I have already turned off email and whatsapp notifications months ago). When I’m with friends, I either put my phone on the table facing down or I don’t take it out of the bag at all. If I have to send an urgent work email or text someone, I “apologize” with the person with me – that way they may understand that being away from their mobile is something I expect them to do as well.
Sharon Z.
I haven't found it that hard, I've always settled down at night to watch tv so at that time my internet was always turned off. If your phone is bleeping for notifications it makes you want to look or check it. I set my alarm for work, Wi-Fi off and put my phone next to my bed about 7pm, out of sight, out of mind
Beatriz Z.
I think it's a matter of giving it a try. You won't succeed everyday and that's ok, but as soon as you start understanding and feeling the relief of beeing offline you will see that there's plenty of time to give to your body, mind and soul and make you feel fresh and more connected to yourself. I do it like this: Ib like playing videogames, so I give myself 1h30m to play the games I like by night. That ends up around 22h30m. Then close it all, comit to the next day and read a little. Your body will feel so thankful and relaxed that you wont feel you need your phone before bedtime.
Sofia Z.
Very! The things you surf are designed to keep your attention and keep you clicking. They know what you watch and what grabs you, and they give it to you on a silver platter to keep collecting data on you. Before you click the next video, or the next tweet thread, or open the next BuzzFeed story, take a second to remember all these companies are watching and recording everything you do to sell your info. And they take every click as your tacit permission to sell these parts of you for their profit. We give away for free the time, the energy, the personal information that makes others lots of money. We are worth more than that.
Johanna G.
I find it really hard but I've made a compromise with myself – keep my phone charging by my bed but put it on flight mode before I sleep so I know in the night there are no messages or updates to check
Angela F.
It would be verry hard cuz they think like i am bored i will just use my phone or how ironic that the app is on the phone? Or sometimes like me they just forget or have work on their phone and have to use it but there is always a chance, the goal is to spend more time with your family and friends or on yourself stick to that! Greetings ane