How do you motivate yourself to exercise on those days when you just want to be lazy?

Regina F.
Umm… when I’m being lazy on a day and it’s Time to work out. I normally just continue reminding myself about what I want to be and what I can’t be if I do work out. I’m not gonna lied to myself here , there is always one of the all days where I do not do anything because I’m either sick or I’m just that tired . But that is very rare .Almost every other time I do some kind of work out if I feel like doing something big I do a whole 30 minute workout if I don’t want to do something big I do 30 jumping jacks or 50 push-ups or even 100 squats. I get stressed out a lot so it’s good for me to work out . And now that I realize it I should probably do my workout now. So bye.
Marika F.
I think that exercise makes me feel good and better and it’s a thing I really like, so why am I so unmotivated? I think about why and then I answer myself saying “ok I’m gonna do this anyway if you want it or not” and then when I’m doing it it feels so good.
Jens Peter Q.
I tell myself that not every day is going to be perfect- it’s okay to not give it your all once in a while. But reminding myself that even just going for a nice walk outside does wonders for the body- and mind!
Brittany E.
Well when im lazy i just listen or see those people who have always motivated me with theor success im a person who tries to feel every moment like if im a little bit lazy it is okay to feel for a short time but then quickly i will return to my life my sucess my beautiful routines and for me the most important thing is to always be motivated and keeping in mind that im confident and ill be at peace with myself whatever the situation is so that how i be like living each feeling and moment and at the same time not forgetting my wortth
Nellie S.
Do the smallest thing. One push up. One anything. Give exercise whatever energy I can muster and be proud of myself for doing that since it’s way harder to do something when I want to do nothing. Remind myself why exercise is what I want to do (feeling physically good, rewarding myself with a great meal and hot shower, not feeling the afternoon slumps and food comas, having more energy, getting stronger, looking better and having good skin, preventing diseases, reducing anxiety and all of life’s problems in my head, feeling good about myself, the list goes on). And get some rest so I won’t feel so lazy the next day.
Martin O.
Give yourself a reward for doing something small. And build on that small task with another small task. And be kind to yourself
Jonas E.
I tell myself to exercise for a limited amount of time so I do not set too high expectations. I identify what best works for me that day.
Austin P.
I think about what I want to achieve. I think about how it will feel when I have achieved all my goals. I imagine the pride I'll feel every time I think about it or look in
Raimund U.
Set a specific time in the day and clear any distractions. It is ultimately a battle of will so you will have to want the change more then you want to avoid it or put it off. Just be mindful of why you decided to start exercising in the first place.
Rasmus Z.
I lie there thinking about how I’ll feel afterwards, if I do or if I don’t. And when I want to be really lazy I put on a short YouTube video of a 10-15 minute yoga or stretching routine, so I have at least connected with my body.
Ana O.
if I don't have an appointment that particular day, I usually just dress in my workout clothes, which often is a motivation in itself. Also, I find it helpful to envision the accomplished feeling after a workout. 💪🏻
Jeppe Z.
Prepare sports kit the night before laid out easy to see.
You don't need to go to the gym to get a good heart rate raising session.
Put on some of your favourite gym music.
Rosie T.
Good question, I suppose you listen to your body and energy. It’s ok to miss a few days of exercise but you do have to do it eventually.xx
Philip B.
Well, I don't exercise daily. I exercise four or five days a week . It is not good to push yourself to exercise even when you don't want to. Our body needs rest. Give it enough rest. Whenever I feel lazy and don't want to workout I just think about all those extra calories I ate and that needs to be burned down and to burn those extra calories I do my regular workouts and some yoga.