How do you reduce cell phone time at work?

Alberto C.
It s really difficult to not scroll on my phone even tho i have so much work to do, but here are some tips. I like putting a timer on the apps that I spend the most time on and put my phone far away so i dont reach it. Also my phone is on silent all the time and i only check it from time to time, to make sure i dont receive something important. I also think about the benefits i get from not spending so much time on my phone! Hope it helps!!
Chad C.
Hello dear, put your phone in ur desk drawer or in ur bag, you don't have to put in silent mode .. But the most important is keeping it away from ur eyes and only reply on phone calls
Erin F.
if i am working or studying i practically ignore my phone because i'm really busy and focused on what i am doing, so i think it's not so hard to do it. butbif you tend to check your phone constantly, even while you are working i suggest you download forest. it's a free app that lock your phone during a time that you decide, and if you stick to it, it will grow a tree or a plant. but if you use another app or whatever, the tree will die. (a fake tree of course)
Marciele T.
I am assuming this is personal cell phone. Put away the phone at another room or in a draw helps. Also, telling yourself firmly that you will check the phone after an hour of work helps.
Hannah N.
Personally, I like to use the Forest app- this isn’t an ad or anything it’s just nice. I set it for a timeframe and then a tree “grows” during that time unless I touch my phone in which case I kill the tree. It’s very effective
Heyma Q.
Why should i reduce cell time in school? All i get is 5 minutes every time i go to the the toilet so i don't see the need to reduce it and i just distract myself doing other stuff which i think of as important so i forget about my cell phone