What activities can I do at bedtime to relax and unwind that don’t involve screens?

Rachel S.
There are a lot of things one can do. These are activities, that I sometimes do before going to sleep or to make myself sleepy: Writing a diary, stretching in bed, reading a book, drinking water or tea, warm bath.
Amy O.
read a good book! or try meditating with the ten percent happier app. meditation helps helps me unwind after a long day (and you can listen without looking at the screen).
Ami Lyn E.
I like to turn off electronics an hour before bed and read for at least 30 minute, while enjoying a cup of tea. Then I start my nightly routine of brushing my teeth, skin/hair care and make a nice dark sleeping environment in my room.
David N.
A book of any sort is always my go to answer. Don’t like to read ? Try w graphic novel ( there are some masterpieces out there, believe me ) or listen to an audiobook. I always put nature sounds in the background (rain/forest) as they help me unwind.
Joel Z.
You can read a book or listen to music. If you feel you can relax by being active, I recommend cleaning your closet. Or write in the journal.
Savy U.
Read a book or magazine, journal, meditate, listen to music, play cards/board games with family, do a puzzle, do some spa/self care like a bath or face mask… just some ideas. I usually journal, read and meditate before bed. I do use a meditation app but I just start the meditation and turn my screen off so I don’t spend time on it.
Gilbert T.
My boyfriend and I are reading the same book series. We do our evening routine to get ready and when in bed we discuss the books then read for about 30 minutes to wind down.
Karla Z.
You can read a book, clean up your room (a tidy room makes you feel more relaxed), listen to a audio book or calm music.
Ragne O.
You can stretch, read a book, take a short walk, or simply unwind with some self-care. You can listen to a good story in a podcast, do a puzzle or draw. Light a candle, make yourself a snack and look out the window. And if you are into it, meditate to settle in to evening mode.
Jenna Z.
Stretching and meditation. Feel every strand of your muscles pull and glide over each other. Write all the things you are grateful for that happened today. Color something fun. Read one chapter of a book you've always wanted read. Do a puzzle.
Rachel F.
Audiobooks, stretching, yoga, foam roller, reading a book, meditation, listening to music, taking magnesium, exercise during the day, and melatonin
Katrine Z.
Buy a new bedside lamp for reading. Go to the library and borrow some self help book. Use some lavender pillow spray and breathing exercises.
Felinta S.
Reading, journaling, meditating, light a candle and find some time for yourself, self care (like a pamper routine with a sheet mask, nail polish and hand cream), call a friend or a beloved one.
Astrid A.
After I put my phone down for the day I prepare for the following day, check my food plan, sort out my clothes, write in my journal and reflect on the day, then I do some reading. When I go to bed I do a meditation to help with sleep 🙂
Emil B.
disconnect and unplug with all the devices.
just sit still and review your day, how do you feel, why do you feel that way.
you don’t have to meditate if you can’t, however, meditation is a good way to get to peace of mind.
for me, i use fabulous app to meditate, then turn on the music background to think about my day, while i also turn on Do not disturb mode when I don’t receive any notifications at all.
Best of luck and don’t worry, try these and you’ll find your own way.
Kayla T.
You can read. Draw. Write. Journal. Stretch and take a bath.
All of these will help you wind down and get ready for a goodnight sleep
Fedor O.
I love to draw and read, so that helps, but I also find it helpful to enjoy my space and bedroom. Before bed, while I am tidying up, is a good moment to go through a box of old letters I have kept. When single or by myself– I find it is healthy and more rewarding to use my imagination to be intimate with myself.

When I am with a partner, I actually like to talk before going to sleep, take time to ask questions which have perhaps been bothering me, or discuss a topic when have put off for a while..

I would suggest placing any of your evening routine tasks that can be accomplished without a screen at the end. I have medidate, journaling, and reading set after disconnect and unplug, which makes sense for me!

Sophia I.
Take a relaxing shower, it will make you feel comfortable before going to bed and can also slow your mind down in case that you have had a long-stressful day or just if you want to feel lighter.
Meditate, that's something you can do and, trust me, it'll make you feel so good and relax. Just sit or lie down, however you feel comfortable, and close your eyes. Relax you muscles, your shoulder, face, hands; and just breath, focus on your breathing. Feel your body of your sit, beware of every feeling of your body, and keep breathing. If you have any thoughts, just let them flow through your mind, as it came, it will go.

You can also read, fing find a good book and read it before you go to bed.

Clinton O.
Read. Knit. Talk on the phone, or talk to a friend in person. Meditate. Watch a candle burn. –Actually, if you live outside city limits, you always have random sticks to burn, so you can get a fire pit and burn a few every night instead of burning them all at once. Fire is very relaxing.– Play with your pet. Pull out a boardgame. Take a walk. Do a wind down yoga routine. Take a bath. Journal. This list is not exhaustive.
Rayan Z.
Read, or just take time to talk with your partner or continue a project by thinking about it without any distractions or screens
Mike Z.
Read a book, colour or draw, have a warm bath or hot shower, listen to music or an audiobook, have a warm drink and look out the window, knit, crochet, other needlework, crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles…
Valentin Z.
My evening routine involves setting my alarm in the afternoon. Then I know when to sleep, and I can plan my evening accordingly. An hour before I need to go to sleep I go to bed, sit with Duolingo language learning app for a while. Then put my phone away putting an elastic band around it, from then I don't touch my phone till morning. Afterwards I sit and write in my gratitude journal and then either read or draw. Ending by sitting in my bed thinking for a bit in the dark until I'm at ease and then I lay down in my bed and sleep within a few minutes.
Lias Q.
I’ve been turning on a calming podcast or audiobook before bed, turning off the lights and setting a sleep timer. I play it at a volume that doesn’t require me to strain (therefore expend effort) to listen to it but that isn’t so loud it’s abrasive. (The voice is also important to me here.) If the audio isn’t good for you (i.e. you have a partner) doing the meditation with earbuds really relaxes me or doing some intentionally relaxing breathing if I find myself worked up after the light is off. Before the light is off, I may read an engaging (but not page-turner) book. It’s finding the sweet spot in something you WANT to do but not so much that you’ll wake yourself to continue. 🙂
Franciele Q.
Having a calming cup of tea, reading a book, filling out a journal or planning for the next day, listening to relaxing music
Manar U.
If you want to be in a peaceful mindset at night time I suggest reading, doesn't matter what you are reading, as long as it is something you enjoy. You could also meditate before going to sleep as it relaxes your body and focuses your brain.
p.s Some advise to help you sleep, You should two hours before you sleep, you should stay hydrated, and if you could change the lights in your room, change it to yellow lightning. Hope this helps you!
Becka X.
I do some yoga, play with the cat, read a book, now started writing in my journal. I find having the phone/device in a different room helps heaps too. Good luck. I’m sure you’re doing super well and looking Fabulous! Xx
Dasha N.
You could read a book, something fro
Your davourite author, or a book you’ve really liked and would like to read again. Painting can also be nice and relaxing. Doesn’t have to be something elaborate, just some doodles would even be fine. You could also make a cup of tea
Wilma B.
Reflect on what happened during the day (though it ends with me grabbing the phone to write down something I could forget by the time I wake up). Let my mind flow and recall favourite moments from the past. Recall the faces of my friends, relatives and everyone close to me. Dreaming of what I’d do if I were almighty (or in sleep). Imagining myself a heroine of a fantasy novel. Plenty of stuff, unexpectedly.