What are the benefits to breaking the screen addiction?

Ga Tan N.
I feel less nervous when I wake up, my sleep seems to be better. And I have a feeling of not being in control when I’m on the phone in the bed that I am missing something. While I read a book, a physical one before sleeping I feel ready to rest
Jessie B.
More focus on the present moment and life outside the monitors and screens. Made me more mindful of the things going around me and appreciate little but meaningful moments in life.
Mikkel E.
We are constantly distracted by digital media. We can’t live without phone, we pay Bills, checking fb/e-mail hourly and chatting on WhatsApp Every minutes. We become phone zombie, numb our mind & dont know how to spend time without phone. The benefits to Breaking screen addiction is we create another positive hobby and get us focus in our life or daily routine.
Fernando F.
Probably better sleep, for one. In social settings, connection eye contact and conversation with the people you are with.