Where should I put my phone so it won’t distract me?

Christoffer X.
What for me worked is to put off all the notifications. So I’d check messages on my time instead of being ruled by the little red balloons. I also put the social media apps not on the frontscreen of my phone, but in a folder on the second screen. At night I’d like to leave my phone in the charger in the living room. And if you want to say, but hey, that’s my alarm clock, go buy an alarm clock for 5 dollars at some store .
Stanley J.
On its charger, on the other side of the room! Having it out of reach when work is to be done will curb the want to play/use/text on it!
Serenity J.
I put it on sleep mode every night (it’s basically do not disturb except emergency settings) and put it slightly under my pillow with a sleepcast or audiobook with a sleep timer on (if you put it all the way under your pillow it might over heat).
Iza Q.
I’ve put it in a drawer with it on silent. Turn it off and put it in another room. Leave it in my purse. Take off my Apple Watch. Put all technology out of sight.
Steve Q.
I turn it off and put it away from my sight. Or put it on the plane mood.
Try to forget about it for awhile and breathe.. do activities with your hands and all your body.
Ronald P.
First of all put it on don’t disturb so you don’t hear the notifications but you can receive important calls. Place it face down so you can’t see it light up, and out of arms length. Try out apps like Forest
Marto Q.
I suppose it'll be better if I will put in in the box or on the highest shelf of my bookcase. So it will be far from me, and I won't hear notifications or calls.
Dora F.
If your dresser is on the other side of your room, away from the bed; I would place it there on the charger and face down so if you get notifications it won’t distract you. That way you could get the rest you need.
Anna A.
If you are resting set it up as do not disturb after an specific time like 10 pm. That way you won't get notifications and the phone won't be a distraction
Jesualdo P.
It depends on if you mean when your asleep or awake? If your in bed I put my phone at the foot of my bed on a table so I have to get out of my blankets to shut off my alarm. Through out the day I have my phone on myself like usual but I don’t have notifications turned on so I don’t see a new email or post from Facebook pop I choose when to look at my phone and I usually only due it three times a day before work, lunch, or after work. I found I actually check my emails first before social media now and I’m not tied to my phone.
Bernice W.
Ahoy fabulous user, it’s not your phone the problem it’s the relationship you have with it. So you can keep your phone with you all the time simply but it in vibration move, deactivate notifications, uninstalled disturbing applications (Facebook, instagram and other craps which are just wasting your precious life time) and use it for what it is: a phone to make phone call and start doing things that truly matters to you! If you think it’s too hard, you can switch for a dumb phone this will help avoiding temptation. Be brave, the withdrawal symptom is only temporary and after few days you’ll really start feeling free from the slavery of this device. Real life is happening all the time right in front of you, just watch and be present to your life, what is happening on the phone is as useless as superficial, it’s for slaves. Be free fabulous users, live your life with a big L
Alo S Z.
I keep my phone in the bathroom near my bedroom. It can charge there and I can still hear the alarm when it goes off without being distracted by the lights
Theresia O.
Different room preferably and off if possible. You have voicemail, so let it earn its worth. For me, out of sight and out of mind works amazingly:)
Doris O.
Try leaving it wherever you keep your keys – this way you will not forget it in the morning but it will not distraction you in the evening either.
Jasmin Z.
Thanks for asking! If you are wondering where to put it during the day, I suggest somewhere far away from you. You don’t want to lock up your phone, however in case of an emergency. At night, you can put it next to you on your bedside table but if you feel you will be too distracted by it, just power it off. I hope this helps!!
Tom Z.
On the other side of the room on silent with something over the screen to avoid seeing any light. If you use it as an alarm this will either make you get up and out of bed or buy a simple alarm clock that isn’t as enticing.
Glen U.
When I am working, I will put it on my desk but facing the phone down and putting it behind/under something. That way I will not see it easily. At home, I just put it on the corner shelf with all my plants.
Mads U.
I work from my phone so it's usually nearby, but I put it into airplane mode a lot or I turn on the do not disturb feature. Did not disturb means that I won't get text notifications and I won't get phone calls. The exception is that if someone calls twice within 3 minutes, it'll chime through the second time. Then I tell important people that if it's an emergency and I don't answer, to call back right away.
Indiara Y.
I put my phone on do not disturb and put my social media apps further in my phone so it’s not the first thing I see when I open my phone
Andre X.
I have been putting it in the spare room next to my bedroom. It forces me to get up to switch off my alarm and also not be a temptation
Annette I.
I like to turn it off and put it in a drawer in another room, but I think turning it off completely is the most important part. Watching the animation of my phone turn off is like a signal to my brain that it’s time for me to relax, and that it’s okay to do so.
Kasper Y.
for a long time I've put my phone next to my bed as an alarm, but I was always tempted to get on my phone before sleeping and after waking up, what helped for me was to buy an alarm (doesn't have to be expensive 🙂 and to put my phone downstairs .. because you don't need your phone anymore during the night ! this helped allot, it feels weird at the beginning but it worked out so well ! just give it a try 🙂 good luck !
Maria F.
I normally keep my phone “hidden.” By that I mean that if I’m going to sleep, I keep my phone charging at the other side of my room where I can’t see. If I’m in the living room my phone is in my room.
Ma Ly O.
If you use your phone as an alarm, it is useful to have it it your bedroom, but at a distance that requires you to have to get out of bed to retrieve it. This prevents you from habitually reaching for it before sleep and also makes it harder to repeatedly hit the snooze button. 🙂
Margie T.
Flipped on the small table that is next to my bed .. so I’ll forget about it and won’t see the notifications light and be carious about it
Inge Z.
May be behind you? So that you know it’s there but you don’t have to watch it all the time. You can focus what you are doing now
Carl G.
You should leave it right by your side. Turn on airplane mode (turns off all signals) if you are an internet junkie, "do not disturb" if it's texts / calls or put it on silent. And the radical idea of just shutting it down. Have to wait until it powers up to get into "distractions"
Audrey U.
You should put it in a room that you are not sleeping in. This will keep you away from all the temptations. You should also put it in airplane mode or night mode so that the notifications don’t distract you.
Valentina F.
You should put your phone wherever you think is safe. I would definitely put it where you think you won’t get distracted.
Sara N.
use a sleep tracker and a time limit at the evening, which makes impossible for you to use the phone, also you will want to have a good night sleep because of the tracker
Holly Q.
Look into seeing if your phone can charge with a stand/charging block. Since I got one I haven’t fallen asleep with my phone in my bed. It’s not like it’s plugged in of a cord and can be anywhere, it has to be on a special spot of the pad.
Alex O.
At night I put it on the floor to charge on the other side of the room. Out of reach. In silent.
In the day, same room but out of immediate eye reach.
Wallace P.
I don’t think I need to hide my phone. I have turned off all notifications & put it on sleep mode so nothing pings. I need to use it when working sometimes to look at certain things but I avoid. Looking at emails etc when I do this.
Sam Y.
There’s is no need to put phone away, with do not disturb mode on(do not disturb mode with phone calls of family members excluded, in case they need your help in emergency). And put your phone screen upside down. And observe your behaviour and be mindful regarding your habit of checking your phone and control that urge.
Carter F.
Turn your notifications off and your phone. put it somewhere where it’s out of sight. I usually leave it a different room
Sabina R.
I’ve struggled with this one too, but found a place that works: far away from my bed, on a charging cable and then in a drawer. This way it’s out of sight and i have to actively get out of bed/get up from my couch to go get it. I put it there every evening before i start my routine and commit to not looking at it until after breakfast. I’ve noticed that on days where i check my phone a lot sometimes i put it in the same drawer for a while.
Nanna Z.
Anywhere that you can’t reach it, hear it or see it. I do work in the study upstairs so I put my phone in the cornflakes box downstairs! I can’t reach it. Out of sight out of mind! Make sure to turn it completely off too!
Aubree J.
I always keep my phone downstairs once I am done completing my evening routine, I use my Apple Watch or alarm clock to wake up.
Charles O.
Anywhere out of sight works. I make sure I put it in the same place like my bag or jacket, so I don’t forget it by accident.
Arisberto E.
If you are sitting at a desk at work, you can put in in a drawer. If you have a night stand with a drawer in your bedroom, put it in the drawer.
Karolina S.
in a bucket or downstairs or even on the other side of the room. make sure to power it completely off and turn in do not disturb to prevent further distraction.
Amanda T.
Keep it in a room other than your bedroom where you sleep as this will help you to have a better sleep and reduce the habit of using phone regularly.
Sarah O.
When I chose to unplug it’s usually right before I go to bed. With this I put my phone on my dresser across my room. Not only is it away from me to discount before I sleep, but it’s also my alarm and requires me to get out of bed to turn it off. That way I don’t get distracted by it when i’m In bed and it forces me to wake up at the time I wanted.
Madison F.
I put my phone in my bag at work all day. I check it at lunch- my watch will get important messages. At home, I put it on airplane mode since I enjoy reading books on it in the evening.
Lillian J.
You can put your phone away in a different room like your bathroom or kitchen. I put mine across my bedroom because it’s my alarm in the morning and it forces me to get out of bed and turn the alarm off.
Ethan Q.
I put my phone across the room, on DND, face down so the light and notifications don’t bother me but if someone needs to get a hold of me then they can
Sam Y.
This is a constant battle for me too. Most of the time we need our phones with us, especially for work, family or if we have children, or if we have someone that needs us on call. But what if we’d like to switch off for the day?

If I don’t want any distractions, I put my phone on silent, and leave it by my nightstand, or keep it stashed away in my handbag. My motto with phones is out of sight, out of mind. My no phone day is Sunday. It’s important for me to disconnect and be present more. I find tuning out on Sundays has helped me tune out on other days too, leaving me checking in once or twice a day. It’s liberating to walk away from my phone and be more present in the moment.

Side note: I also refuse all incoming app notifications. Especially facebook messenger. Yes you can turn all those off too. Notifications are the worst offenders in keeping us distracted.

Sara E.
put it in a drawer with your finger and alerts off. this will prevent you from checking your phone for texts and notifications. 🙂
Rosie J.
Placing my phone upside down on a desk or table helps me focus better on what is around me rather than looking down at it mindlessly for 30 minutes when I could have done something productive.
Storm Z.
When I go to bed I leave my phone in the living room. If I think of something while I'm trying to go to sleep I will write it down in my Dream Diary . My Dream Diary is placed on my night stand with a pen inside the blank page. Not so much A dream Diary as it had become my sleeping aide.
For some reason i don't hear the phone beep at night. But in the morning, when it's time to get up for the gym, I do hear my wake up tone.
Ken Z.
I noticed that if I left my phone out of my bedroom, then I’ll not have the courage to go out of my comfortable bed to get it. So before I go to sleep, I left it in my living room. Get a nice and loud alarm clock to wake u up in the morning. After few days of good sleep, you’ll find yourself wake up easily. Wish u best luck!
Ricky E.
To be honest, I keep it next to me because I'm using the Fabulous deep work timer on a daily basis. However, I disabled notifications from all distracting apps so that I can focus on my work, and this has worked well for me! If I really don't need my phone, I simply leave it in my bag. Good luck!
Ken U.
Keep it out of sight! Charge it in a place where you can’t sit and play on it. Reward yourself when you spend more time off, such as 30 minutes, an hour, two hours. Find something nourishing to fulfill your time, go for a run or read a good book! X
Brad O.
I would say the most important thing is not the place but the mode – put it on airplane mode and keep it out of sight and touch
Anna P.
To avoid being distracted is to put your phone far from your hand( on the desk or table not near you ), turn off all notifications, turn off internet or put on airplane mode. And be honest to yourself ( try not to check your phone ):)
Sibylla G.
If you’re outside and socializing keep it in your jacket or bag. If you’re going to sleep, leave it at the bathroom after you brush your teeth.
Jesse C.
I have tried to put it at the other end of the room that I am currently in when I am trying to do focused work although sometimes my focused work at a computer 🖥 for my job requires secure login process involving dual verification to an app on my cell phone or text to my cell phone.

But sometimes that works when o put my cell phone out of my physical reach.

In other settings, like when I am trying to meditate or sleep, I really need to try to leave my phone in another room if already fully charged or definitely out of reach but what I really need to do is get a good old fashioned alarm clock and use that to wake up rather than my iPhone for an alarm.

Interestingly, when I am working out or playing tennis, i do well most of the time putting my cell phone away for a good 30 minutes or sometimes even for an hour and a half without looking at it- I still will get text messages or alerts on my Apple Watch but I am able to more easily dismiss it rather than answer it or even read it right away… those are my thoughts on how to put my cell phone away… I think Apple and androids are starting to give more ways to use your device by voice command so that I don’t have to do everything by physicially holding and tapping on my iPhone, but I need to learn more about how to automate these things more easily- I do use my voice to do things with Siri like even how I do things with Amazon Alexa… but I still could get better at it.

Bernhardine F.
To put it on the place you can’t get easily or to make it silent and put it in the bag, closet, or any place out of your sight.

One more way is that you can set the downtime on your iPhone, which will also limit the use of apps.

Zdenka Q.
At home if you’re working and don’t use it during your day. Learning to have it in your pockets without the urge to use it is best, however.
Luzineide F.
I guess it all depends on where you’re going to spend your time. I like to leave mine on a different level of my house than I’m going to be on – for example I’ll leave my phone upstairs if I’m going to be in the kitchen. That way if I get the urge to check my phone it is a conscious decision to go get it rather than just picking it up and checking and then being like oh darn.
Katie U.
I’m running into the same problem. I’ve tried every kind of hand bag and it’s too wide for a pocket. I wear boots 👢 a lot and stick the phone down the inner side of my leg and finds that works best. They also make waist bands that hold them.
Mathias Z.
I have a charging station besides my internet box, closed my corner cupboard. I work from home and need full disconnection for productivity, so i schedule a dont disturb session from 9 to 5 and leave my phone charging inside the cupboard. I check it for messages during my breaks. And from 5pm i can be a phone person again.
Dores W.
There’s no right answer for this. You might start by keeping it at a distance that you need to stand up from your bed to grab it. You should as well put it in airplane mode or mute de volumen and the vibration, some notifications might distract you and build anxiety.
Fabien T.
In another room. It’s too easy to have your charger by your bed so you can wake up to your phone alarm and start the day. However you then also have all the other litttle distractions at hand right from when you reach out from under the covers.

Put your charger(s) for your device(s) in a different room from where you sleep. The physical space will help you disconnect from the digital world a little and will give you a chance to make the change from always on to free.

Ritthy P.
Put your phone on Night mode from the time you go to bed to the time you wake up. Only allow a call to come through if a person calls twice. I would plug your phone in the other room and not in your bedroom. If you have to have your phone nearby to use in case of an emergency and plug it in somewhere other than right beside your bed but still in your room.
Tilde P.
I have put it somewhere that I have to walk a ways to get to it such as in a separate room across the house. I also found that putting it away in a drawer to be helpful – such as if I’m at work.
At bedtime, I would suggest putting in the furthest area in the room where you would have to get out of bed to use it. You can buy an inexpensive an old school alarm clock for the side of your bed if you currently use your phone as a clock and/or alarm.
Hans Gerd J.
Sometimes I find it helps to leave it to charge in a different room- I just keep my charger there so every time it runs out of battery I need to leave it there…
Faruk Z.
During the day put the phone somewhere you don’t go often if you are at home, for me thats my bedroom. During the night I have it across the room where i will have to get up in the morning to turn my alarm off so i will wake up on time. Putting it across the room is also helpful to stay off your phone before you sleep so you won’t have the struggle of when to put it down and will sleep sooner than with your phone in arms reach. If you are at work maybe try putting it in your bag so it’s not at your desk. Hope that was helpful!
Jacob W.
I put it out of reach when i am home in the evenings away from where I sleep so I’m not tempted to check and switch off notifications too hope that helps you
Caroline G.
I have it near me because for now I get stressed if I don’t know where it is. Then I put it upside down and on do not disturb. That way if it’s URGENT I will get an alert because there are multiple times but besides that I get no notifications.
Alice Y.
Put it in a drawer so you can’t see it. Or give it to someone to look after for a set time. Make sure you have an alarm clock or watch so you don’t need your phone for time keeping.
Nat E.
Put the phone in another room, if you are in the bedroom so put the phone in the living room. In that way you won’t have the temptation handy to get distracted
Daisy X.
I put my phone across the room from me and leave it to charge. Sometimes I will set a timer as well for 20-30 min intervals of serious focused work. Then when it goes off I’m forced to get up and move around some. I’ll take a break to do something else productive such as clean up some around the house (about 10 min) before setting a new timer and putting my phone back across the room for more focused work.
Frank G.
I normally put mine on do not disturb mode and set it on my nightstand. I normally journal to distract myself from it, but if you can’t resist having it in sight, put it in a nightstand drawer or under your bed. I highly recommend the do not disturb mode so you get the least amount of notifications or temptations as possible.
Deodato Q.
In a completely different room. That way you won’t be tempted to go reach for your phone every time you have an alert. Also, I recommend turning off the majority of your alerts this will avoid further distractions throughout the day as well and keep you focused.
Charlie W.
I use my phone in my wind down session. I read some web cartoon chapters before bed and then set it on my side table with the screen off. My husband had to say his across the room on the dresser.
Eli J.
I should put it out of reach, but with the sound turned on. Like on the kitchen ledge. That way if someone is trying to call me or message me I will know, but I won’t have it next to me to just scroll uselessly.
Jeppe W.
I think you must off it during the time you wouldn't want to be distracted.

Otherwise, you can ask your parent, friend or anyone to keep your phone with them so it won’t disturb you. Thank you!

Javier X.
I put my phone on my bedside table however if I’m really tired but can’t fall asleep I will put it on draws that are higher then me so if I want to use it I have to get up. I also turn my wifi off
Caroline F.
I usually leave my phone downstairs if I go upstairs to bed. But you could leave it outside your bedroom for instance, as long as it is not reach able for you without moving. In my experience moving is not really what I want when I’m I bed so it’s easier to not look at it. During the day I leave it in my bag so when I’m working I forget about it.
Jill O.
If you’re talking about at night, I would leave it far away from your bed, like across the room so that you won’t be able to easily access it from where you’re laying
Baldemar S.
Across the room so you won’t be tempted to look at it. “Out of sight, out of mind.” Also, you would be too lazy to get up and get it.
Abigail J.
When I need to be focus on doing important things or urgent task, I put my phone away from me so I cannot see any notifications.
Almirodo Z.
At bedtime, I leave my phone beside my bed but I turn the volume off and put the setting on ‘do not disturb ‘ so that I’m not distracted by any notifications or the screen lighting up. I leave the phone face down also. However, I do leave it right beside the bed because I have teenagers and I need to periodically check if they have texted when they are out late at night. But I don’t need to turn the phone on for that, I just glance at the home screen, then turn the phone back over when I’m done.
Edgar Y.
put it far away from you, then doing sth that you can forget the exsitance of your phone, like “oh, i dkn where i put my phone at”
Nathan E.
I think you should make it really hard to get your phone if you know that you have a problem. For example, you could put it in a high place, where it’s really hard to reach so that when you have the urge to use your phone, you’ll be less likely to use it because you won’t want to go to go through all the effort of getting it. Hope this helps a little. 🙂
Estelle Q.
Plug it in on the other side of the bedroom, face down. So that you can’t reach it from the bed. As you put it down think of it being in jail for the night.
Elo Se P.
On the other side of the room. You less likely to touch it if you have to go out of you way to get it. If it’s not being on it so you can go to sleep and get up early. Make it so you have to get out of bed in the morning to turn your alarms off. If your working and it’s distracting you put it in a different room. If your trying to spend less time on your phone then set timers and build up the time over day. Do other tasks and see how long you can go x
Ugo E.
Put it on silent and place it face-down it another room/in your purse/etc. When you get up to stretch and take a break, then you can check it!
El I P.
I have a dedicated place in the room to keep my phone. I don’t keep my phone next to me, but once in a while – let’s say 20-30mins, I check my phone.
Marie Y.
Put it in the living room. Turn it off and put it on a charger. If you use your phone for an alarm. I would go out and buy a simple Dollar Tree alarm clock. It will keep you away from your phone at night and keep you from it in the mornings.
Bertram C.
Why not use it as timer ? Or let people know you will not be available for xx amount mins and switch it off or on silent .
Dimitri E.
Outside the bedroom. Get a separate alarm clock, if put your phone on „night“-mode you don‘t have the luxury to wake up on your own.

If you want a break from your phone during the day, set the timer accordingly, set your phone on night mode and put at the other end of the room with the screen facing down.

Andrea X.
Great question, a phone is a really big distraction so first of all power it off so notifications don’t distract you, next, if there is someone else with you, give it to them so that they look after it. If not then put it in a box on the other side of the building/room that you are in.
Noelle P.
In my pocket on vibrate, while out and about, so I’ll only check it when I absolutely need to. Or, if I’m not going to be going any where today, …on a shelf on vibrate, so I’m not constantly playing on my phone ignoring my loved ones around me.
Victoria E.
Usually it’s I my bag downstairs however if it needs charging or I need to use the alarm it’s in my bedroom. However I’ve never really used it once I’m getting ready to sleep.
Clayton E.
In another room or a corner of the room that is out of view. You should have to actively turn or look for it when it dings!
F Tima E.
Your phone will no longer be a distraction once you remove all your “addictions” in it. I make a bold step by removing all media socials from my phone and now my screen time have been decreasing significantly.
Amalie Z.
First question do you need it in the room with you if not just put it somewhere else maybe on the charger if yes put it on silent turn off vibrate and put it in a drawer
Aline G.
I would put my phone either on charge in my room or next to my bed so when I do go to bed, I can check what I’ve missed. This will allow me time to catch up with family
Orlani A.
I don't know your surroundings but for me I put it in a different room where I have to walk, open a door to get to my phone. If I am at a place where I am confined in one room (there is not different room) I put it somewhere I have to get up to reach for. Whatever you do, the most difficult to get to. I travel a lot so I go to a lot of different places and situations and phone always distracts me. So one time I was in my hotel and trying to do work before my meeting, and I didn't want to get distracted so I put the phone in the closet security locker. And when i sleep in the hotel, i charge my phone in the bathroom. If I set a wake up alarm i have to go to bathroom to shut it off, too.
Peter J.
I have my phone with me all the time i just put it on silent and do not disturb so if anything comes up on screan it wont wake me up . I hope this helps
Gauthier E.
If you have a iPhone like me I would put on screen time and set up downtime so your phone is blocked at night and start of day. If you can’t do this, put it on charge in another room, then you can’t be tempted to use it.
Hanns U.
In another room in the house or in my purse at work so I won’t be tempted to pick it up every time a notification goes off.
Caroline U.
I would like to say at the bottom of a lake, but I know I personally will need my phone again tomorrow. If you don’t want to get distracted by your phone, simply leave it charging or in your bedroom. Walking away from addiction is the first step. Remember, we have other things we can choose to do that would be more productive – that’s what we started using this app for… isn’t that a twist. Okay, amendment….use this app, but not all the time. This is a starting point, so go and get started.
D Rio Y.
During the day, in a purse or a drawer. Tell yourself when you will check it and don’t take it out except for then. At night, plugged in on the other side of the bedroom in do not disturb mode.
Andreas F.
I usually put my phone on a table away from my bed at night so I don’t have it near me to distract me at night and it forces me to get out of bed to turn my alarm off in the morning. If you have a dresser or somewhere distance from your bed, i recommend putting it there.
Alison E.
I tried doing the other room, but I like to rock if my night time routines. So I have disciplined myself to finish updating my app in bed, then I do some reading and my gratitude, I stick to that routine and don’t get distracted by my phone.
Salete O.
In another room. Or if you need it for an alarm on a table away from your bed so you can still hear it. Plus it makes you get up to turn it off.
Sander N.
Just leave it on the bed side table while you keep yourself occupied doing something productive like cleaning, folding clothes or organising stuff. Also when you lie down, you could check your phone for a while but at one point put it on dnd and keep it on a charging dock or bedside table, while you close your eyes to relax. Also try talking to people around you in your house if you’re not sleeping. It helps you think less about your phone
Milos B.
Honestly somewhere you can’t see it or reach it without getting up. The closer it is, the easier it is to just pick it up.
Thibault B.
Put your phone on silent always and keep your phone turned upside down so you can't see the screen when you're trying to concentrate.
Iracilda Q.
The best thing to do is turn your phone off and buy a separate alarm clock. However if you need to have your phone on, put it as far away from your bed as possible and facedown. I know it’s hard because we get so attached to our phones but there’s a certain peace that comes with disconnecting. Good luck, you got this!
Lyam N.
You should put your phone as far away from you as possible if you are going to sleep or doing something important when I am using this app I usually turn my phone on airplane mode and just lay my phone away from me do my night routine and then put my phone away from me and go to sleep.
Kathy F.
I would personally just put it right outside my door Anywhere really out of your bedroom because if it out of the bedroom you will be less likely to go near it
T Mara Q.
I usually connect it to a charger and set it on a table that’s on the other side of the room. That way it’s far away from my bed to allow me to unplug, and I also have to actually physically get out of bed to turn my morning alarm off
Alicia J.
Placing your phone in silent mode to a place where you can’t see the screen turning on or hear the vibration. A drawer at the entrance of your home is ideal.
Abel S.
I put it in a room next to mine. During the night, I have all notifications off. During the day only phone calls, SMS and messenger. Other notifications like email, Facebook, Twitter are always off.
It means I need to get up to check social media. It is great because I don't do it mindlessly automatically.
Hazel U.
Put it in a room you don’t normally go in face down and on do not disturb. This way if it’s an emergency after the 3rd call it will ring but the other distractions won’t distract you
Hans W.
Actually I put it next to me because I still need my alarm. The only way is put in your mind that you still can use your phone tomorrow. It's not like you cannot use your phone the next day if you stop using it before go to sleep.
Luise Q.
Put it in a place that is not close to you. Out of sight out of mind. Also turning it over so the screen isn’t facing you or turn off notifications.
Filippa W.
Anywhere that works for you. For me, I charge my phone at night in my Kitchen to make sure I have time to unplug and disconnect before bed and right after I wake up, but I have my phone on me at all times during my day as I need to be accessible through out my day. If you don’t need to be accessible throughout your work day, leave it in your purse, in a desk drawer, etc. but if you need to be accessible I suggest having it near by but on Silent and face down.
Martha C.
First, put your phone on silent. Then, what I do is put it in a random drawer and just walk away. If you want to be without it for a long time, it’s might be helpful to write in a notebook where you put it, so you don’t forget and going crazy when you actually need it.