I use my phone as an alarm clock and sleep tracker, so I can’t physically remove it from my bedroom. What else can I do to keep from using my phone too much at bedtime and keeping myself awake?

Joan C.
Have it plugged in to the charger across the room. That way at least when you’re in bed you don’t mindlessly scroll through it
Priscila T.
But a physical old school alarm
Clock or if you use your phone and the alarms are already set then leave it in a far away corner of the room not next
To your bed
Michelle O.
I use the app sleep Town. It prevents me from doing anything other than listen to calming music. It also has an alarm and is a bit of fun.
Susie Y.
I can focus on using my phone only for reading and keeping social media to a minimum. I can focus on studying, reading, or meditating instead. Or talking to Elizabeth. I need to get a lamp.
Clark Q.
Put your phone far away, its gonna alarm anyway with its loud sound. Turn off wifi and mobile date, put it on grayscale mode. Put time limit on apps so they stop being accessed during night.
Mirja U.
If you have an IPhone you can set downtime for when you are going to bed so that you can’t get into your apps or it prompts you before entering the app
Niklas U.
At night, I scheduled a do not disturb that mutes all notifications. This has helped me because I feel there is no purpose to be on my phone.