Can we manage to unplug and keep it on do not disturb as family might need us in case of emergency?

Eleonora I.
Short answer: no.
However that does not mean that you should just let go of all effort to stop yourself from being consumed by the device. I would recommend you to put your device next to your bed but do that about an hour before bedtime. This way you will break the link of bed and device. Also you will be less likely to use the device when you go to bed.
Jennifer O.
I do that for myself when I want quiet time or have to sleep. I put family and other important contacts in my favorites and set it so only those calls come thru even with DND on. My dad is up in years and not doing well so I have to be in touch somehow in case he needs help.
Krzysztof J.
I know that if there's an emergency and my family will need me, they call me. So what I do is that I disconnect from the internet and leave my phone sound on, because I know that at night there's a small chance someone will call me with something not important, and big chance that someone will text me on Messenger and make an unnecessary noise.
Monya W.
I think the idea of the app is to make your life work for you so if you need to keep it on do not disturb to be able to relax and sleep well then that’s what you should do.
You could also consider getting/using your home phone as your night time emergency number instead of your mobile
Letisha I.
I do it in short burts or don't turn off but silent or when you put on do not disturb, you select contacts that can access you despite mode.
Bailee F.
I have found that if I put my phone on do not disturb you can put only certain people on a call list. This allows them to call you and it go through even if your phone is on do not disturb. I do this with my boyfriend especially when he
Julia N.
That is something that I have also struggled with. What I have chosen to do is to go into settings and turn off notifications for most of my apps at night, but keep notifications for calls and texts active in case of emergency. That way, I don’t have to worry about emails and other app notifications, but my family can reach me if they need to. It takes a bit more time than just turning on do not disturb, but it works for me. I hope this helps!
Jen O.
Yes, set certain family members as emergency contacts and when they call a certain number of times or text a certain word they are allowed through the do not disturb and can reach you.
Lauren U.
I don’t do that for this exact reason. I used to put my phone on Do Not Disturb a few years ago, but my mom begged me not to in case there was an emergency. Now, I just put my phone on my nightstand, read, and meditate. That seems to do the trick while still maintaining a distance from the blue light. I hope this helped!