I am surrounded by screens. What should I do to avoid them ?

Th Odore Q.
Try to minimize them as much as possible. Sometimes avoiding them seems impossible, so if you need to have your phone for work, keep it in a separate room with the ringer on to hear calls, but not be tempted by screen notifications.

Sahin E.
So relatable…my advice is to find a hobby like painting, embroidery,baking etc..
If you don't like one hobby , try another one and so on until you find the perfect one for you..another thing you can do is to be more productive..it will keep you occupied ..and one more thing,do not do any work sleepy,you will be bored so if you are sleepy ,sleep.if it is your laziness try doing something more interesting or train yourself to be more productive..you can learn a new language.and also challenge yourself to spend one whole day without internet..I am sure you will find something to do.my English may not be perfect,so.. please don't mind😁
These habits helped me a lot…I hope it helps you too!

Bye,Take Care

P.s,I wish you best of luck.