How to quit phone addiction and start living in the moment?

Moraru P.
Life is full of beautiful moments. You should understand that using phone is not the most important thing in your life. You can make some habits, start learning smth new , in order tot forget about the phone and to be busy all day.
And even If You want to talk to your friends or spend time with them , just go out with them , drink some coffee and have a great day. Learn to observe the pleasures of life, because It is very short. Enjoy your life, learn new things and have fun. Reality is much more pleasant than the virtual world.
Miss N.
Put your phone in a place you wouldn’t grab it. If I am with my family and I want to live in the moment, I simply put it in my mini backpack. It’s harder to reach my phone when it’s in there and it’s pretty awkward to do so, so it keeps me from doing it. I hope this helps you! Have a lovely day.😄👋
Salome T.
Facebook's 'quiet mode' helped me a lot. I still check the app very often but it foes not let me scroll. There are some other apps to block distractive apps. Keep it up! I ak struggling the same❤