I just wonder how many days my fellow fabulous take to dominate the disconnect habit? And how did you do that?

Henry Z.
I’m still struggling with this, but my way forward is to make myself feel comforted by making sure no one is trying to contact me, and then turn everything off. Start with short amounts of time, start with 5-10 minutes, then slowly increase as you get more comfortable. In this time, make sure you’re doing something else. Personally, I colour, read a book, or do other hobbies that don’t include a phone (e.g. instrument or art)
Lice O.
It is a well-known fact that we should limit the use of our devices, and take our eyes off the screen. The best thing to do is not overwhelm yourself. The number of days an individual will need to conquer the "Disconnect and Unplug" habit will differ on your dependence on technology. Try disconnecting in intervals. One day may be 5 mins, the next day may be 10 mins, etc. As the world evolves around technology, it has become increasingly important to our work, education and entertainment. If possible, perhaps you can disconnect by writing notes on pen and paper, or read a physical book rather than an e-book. If it's not possible to disconnect for work or school, try disconnecting by finding offline forms of entertainment. Assure yourself that you can achieve this goal. Many people browse social media before going to bed. I've placed my "Disconnect and Unplug" habit in my evening routine- shortly before bed- so I introduce time to read, stretch, or any other habit you may want to develop. Perhaps, you can disconnect when you eat lunch. After eating, perhaps you may read a book, or get some exercise. Don't expect results immediately- especially if you developed the habit of using your device all-day everyday. I know you can do it!