What could be an activity in bed?

Deirdre N.
Thinking about things that went well during the day or things that you are grateful for. This will make you feel positive and pleasant before you go to sleep.
Lucas C.
It could be listening to relaxing music or something else. I like podcast very much! Or maybe you could listening to an audio book. Turn off the lights and relax!
Armin W.
Reading a book is a very good option if you are trying to Unplug from social media and don’t know what to do instead, as it won’t disturb your sleep
Gavin N.
Stretch: pull knees to chest, lift hips slightly, bend back, do a cat/cow stretch. And pat yourself on the cheek and say "I love you."
Rolf Peter J.
I think drinking a warm drinking and catching up on a fun magazine article or writing your to do list could be nice. Maybe meditating or listening to some music. I like to just think on the things I've managed to accomplish and where I hope to go.
Terrence E.
I like to meditate in bed before going to sleep. It helps me relax and let go of the day and I sleep better. Also stretching exercises can be done in bed either before getting up or before going to sleep.
Yilmaz U.
A small moment of reverence every morning and evening… In the morning… A prayer for a better day… In the evening a prayer to show gratitude
Calvin P.
An activity in bed would be to stretch. Dr. Jen Esquer, PT, DPT has some videos on stretches to do in bed in the morning. A pillow fight is also a great bed activity and it gets the heart rate up.
Jetro T.
I mean, other than the obvious… you can do stretches, read, write, pretty much any sitting down activity can be done in bed.
Isabelina Z.
Writing a journal or even staring at the wall listening to the racing thoughts that’s buzzing around your head. It’s a great time to relax and ask questions to your selor jot them down in a notebook. I personally like to sit down in bed and listen to my thoughts and doze off into a nice sleep however I have considered to write a journal but I’m not motivated. And tips?
Camille E.
Active movements. Moving every muscle in your slightly to engage them. Taking your joints through all their range of motion