I always sleep with tv at least soft in the background or I find it hard to sleep.. what’s the best way to move on from the tv at night?

Alma G.
Turn on soft music with timer and just sleep without thinking. You need to trust yourself and this process. Once you setup bio clock, it will become easy and automatic.
Ana Q.
Podcast or audio books may help replace the TV. You'll still have the sound, but without the blue light that is so damaging to deep sleep.
Kathleen X.
I would listen to podcasts, audiobooks, music, or soothing sounds. Something that you can turn the light off and still have the sound.
Shea C.
I don’t sleep with any sound at night but I find that I can’t barely sleep unless it’s completely silent… other than the whole house fan.
Елена Соловьёва N.
Try to spend a weekend in the countryside.., go to the garden at the late evening, got a deep breath of a fresh air, listen to the trees, look to the stars..feel the calmness of the night…once you get into it you love it. And I’m sure it would become so unnatural to sleep with TV;) Have a good night so!
Ali X.
I would recommend white noise. A white noise machine is a great option but simply having a white noise/ambient track playing will work well. There are many such videos on Youtube that are several hours long and so will last you the whole night.
Samantha N.
I enjoy putting on the ambiance sounds on the fabulous app. Thankfully it’s downloaded so it comes in handy when I’m traveling or on a plane. Also it doesn’t suck the battery life out of my phone like YouTube tends to do.
Ingelore X.
I don’t fall asleep to the tv, but I believe there are apps that you can download on a mobile device to play soft sounds to fall asleep to.
Ir Nia P.
I recommend trying to limit TV time to just specific shows & read a book (or listen to an audiobook) near bedtime. I've had a no-tv rule for the bedroom for ages but still have to resist media on my phone or tablet. 🙂
Eberardo S.
Just turn the TV off and with your eyes closed keep "watching". In time you will develop a habit of making your own motion pictures and sounds simulating the TV. These will be your own and will guide you to vivid and beautiful dreams
Maya J.
Listen to a podcast or talk show on you’re phone. You should also try listening to music that’s what I d cos it helps my insomnia
Everett G.
Even if you have the tv on in the background you could get distracted and not be tired but when you relax it makes you more sleepy and you gradually fall asleep sooner or later
Sofia O.
If you're looking for ways to disconnect, but you aren't ready to give up the background noise, it's possible to take it in steps. The first step is to get rid of the blue light. To do this you can set up a "goodnight routine" with your Google box or Alexa. If you don't have these, just do it yourself. This can include playing a playlist of ocean sounds, or my personal favourite, having a podcast read stories to me. Search for bedtime reading on Spotify or your music application. There is also guided sleep meditation. If you want to disconnect completely, I suggest a fan, most people find the noise calming.
Fabio E.
I mean you could set a reminder to tell you to get ready for bed so that you could spend the time before going to bed to brush your teeth and etc. I also sometimes enjoy writing in notebook before going to sleep while in my bed. You can keep like a notebook by your bedside. I also find it quite nice to meditate in the night.
Julian O.
Try replacing the TV with the audio only (for example, podcasts or audiobooks). This way you still have the background noise but not the blue light.
Gabrielle Y.
I would try an app or something that provides sound options. You'll still get the noise affect you find soothing, but it'll provide less light.
Carl W.
Best way to move on from the tv at night for me is to start getting ready for bed. wash my face, bed clothes on or if i need a bath then get me a glass of ice water and smoke a bowl or blunt and then lights out..
Becca P.
I always enjoy listening to classical music. If not classical then pop the radio on quiet, as it creates the same background noise but doesn't hold all of your attention
Tatiana X.
My husband has that problem… He finds that the best way to sleep with out tv before bed is to exerciseam at night… Before or after dinner he does it so that his muscles will be ready for rest and if his mind is still racing we might have the tv on in the other room or music on so that there's background noise but no bright lights…
Nathan Z.
Find a time, around the same time every night to switch off the screen and start to play mellow music, if your use to the noise. Then take time to have a shower before going to bed.

It also helps not to spend time in your bed in the day if you can, then you associate the bed with sleep in your mind.

Arijit P.
Perhaps try a fabulous app mindfulness routine / meditation session? I also have a bad habit of watching tv at night before bedtime. Very hard habit to break. Somehow we have to prepare our bedtime space to avoid tv watching.
Also good time to try to read a book or even listen to an audio book.
Seony O.
I used to do this too. It was a habit that I really struggled to let go of. When I was making my change away from it, I started with listening to the bedtime stories in Fabulous. The first night was hard, but it was a good transition because it provided the background noise without the light. I wasn't completely happy with my new set up, so after a few nights, I tried the sleep meditation in Fabulous. I'm not sure if you're supposed to do this, but I usually fall asleep within the first few minutes of that meditation. It's very calming and it gives my mind something to focus on. Even on nights when I struggle to sleep, I still find that going through the meditation helps put me in a good space. This has helped me go from staying up on my phone playing games while rewatching shows to having much more peaceful nights, where sleep is something to look forward to. Hope this helps!
Sim F.
Deep breathing exercises right before sleep. Or you can try putting on some sleep sounds or stories there are pleanty of these on youtube and variety of apps you can download.
Melina P.
Taking a shower 2 hours before bedtime it helps relax the body and a calms your body down and get you ready for sleep. It helps the endorphins of melatonin to relax your body that's another thing that helps you sleep. Try to make your room as dark as possible that tell your body it's time to shut down and relax. I read somewhere it can cause weight gain.
James J.
I never really struggled with this because I always went to sleep with the sound of a fan. A good, healthy way to ease out of the nightly tv in the background is to listen to a podcast or soft music quietly.
M Nica C.
Maybe it is better if you don't have the TV on your bedroom. You can also try to put some soft music that will shut up by them self and try to read before going to bed, or already in bed, which will help you to fall asleep easier. I'm sorry if my English is not very good but I am Portuguese.
Shelly O.
I play music from YouTube on my phone, but place it on the opposite side of the room. Choose a calming (preferably instrumental) Playlist. Youtube automatically pauses once the Playlist is done, so you don't have to worry of switching it off and can peacefully fall asleep. I hope that this helps.
Kent U.
White noise. You can either use a google home mini, bluetooth ceiling light bulbs with speakers in them, or a dedicated white noise machine. You can cross fade tracks on spotify to create continuous loops of ambient sounds or spectrums color noise. Try different kinds of noise,
like brown noise (Granular Brown noise on Spotify does it for me and you can find the one that best matches what you feel the TV does for you. Then you can mix an match if you have a google home that can also play ambient sleep sounds—I have rain playing on my bluetooth ceiling speaker through my google mini, and brown noise playing on my bluetooth sunrise alarm and together they work wonders. Experiment. Also see if there’s a way to turn off the tv screen but keep on the sound.
Kendra J.
Listening to music, Blinkist, or Audible helps me. 🙂 It means I don't need my phone in my hand and I often fall asleep to an interesting story.
Nina P.
The first thing is to make up your mind to do it. It means half the task accomplished. Then we can find alternatives to the habit. Eg. Reading or listening to music. In this way,we can slowly break the habit ! All the best 🙂