I always sleep extremely late, even when I force myself to go to bed, I’ll read or check mail or do whatever things except sleep. How can I fix a sleep time and get good rest every night?

Ted J.
Create a ‘pre-bed time’ outside your bedroom, where you allow yourself to check e-mails, read, or do whatever you are used to doing before falling asleep. This way you will have time and space to do what you like to do before bed, but not disturbing your deep sleep. Your bedtime and bedroom with stay a sanctuary while you are allowed to play with your phone!

Just like your bed time, a Pre-bed time should be spent in a relaxing place and situation (mine is on the right side of my couch, checking out Pinterest), but with a time limit. When it’s time to go to bed, leave your phone there and go to your ‘real’ bed room.

Good luck.

Mille C.
You can do these things all together to achieve the best results you can get:
1- get less amount of sleep the night before, force your self to wake up early.
2- do a good amount of physical activity such as exercising or house deep cleaning.
3- put your phone in the living room before sleeping and use old style alarm.
4- it might seems funny but try to count it might help sometimes.