What’s best to do instead of using my phone before bed?

Alyn N.
One of my ha it is to daydreaming. Most of the time when I'm not using my phone before bed, I'll daydreaming about having a new apartment, how I'll decorate it and how I'm going to adopt a pet cat. Once I feel a bit sleepy I'll shut my mind down, close my eyes and save my daydream for tomorrow.
Kate N.
Instead of using my phone before bed i could read or reflect on the day. It will give me more time to fo things i love and it will help me sleep better
Jar U.
"Reading a book" only if u are not sleepy , if u are sleepy then just sleep and have pretty dreams . I am mostly sleepy bcs of all the work I do the entire day so… But I will recommend a book to spend ur free time with , it improves ur knowledge , speacking , reading and writing skills . It also makes u feel less distracted and makes u think in a positive manner.