My husband works nights and I’m uncomfortable with the quiet; that led me to playing on my phone or watching TV until I fall asleep. I hate this habit. How do I deal with the discomfort?

Marin O.
I feel that it would be good to read. Find a book that you really enjoy and just READ! Maybe you could also talk to your husband about ideas and things to do! Good luck
Anchoria W.
Well, I listen to podcasts to sleep, there are loads of sleep and just story podcasts. You could play them out loud with your phone on the other side of the room so you have the company but not the your phone being a distraction. But really I would try and this why the quiet makes you so uncomfortable, are you afraid of something happening? Is it your thoughts? Think about why and try and do change something so you can feel comfortable. If you are afraid of danger, take precautions, learn some self defense? If you don't like stewing in your thoughts, look in to techniques to help deal with negative thoughts or overthinking. Avoidance and distractions can really make the core problem worse. Hopefully you figure it out because sitting in silence and reflecting alone can be fantastic thing.
Noara Q.
I do the exact same thing if I can’t sleep but trying my hardest to not pick it up and check it if I wake in the night. I turn on do not disturb until the early hours 6-7am that’s my pnly suggestion. I’m new to this also, but each step is a step in the right direction
Neurani Q.
you could play pink noise on a speaker or computer, an amazon alexa or google works perfect. you could even get a sound machine that plays different sounds that comfort you but pink noise and white noise are scientifically proven to help:)
Laura C.
Hi! I am a user of the Fabulous app.
Start by challenging yourself! Challenge yourself for at least 5 days! How will you do this challenge? Find a habit to replace the bad habit! Here is some examples:
•drink tea
•read a book
•listen to peaceful or calm music!
This is just examples you could also do some yoga or breathing! Meditation is also a very good habit! This app called"Fabulous" has all these things in the app! You could even start the evening routine by unplugging or disconnect!
Good luck!
Malthe Z.
Not sure I’m the best person to comment given I also play with my phone before I sleep. Any reason why you hate it? There are things you can do to wind down before you go to bed – listen to podcasts or do a short yoga session (been doing these 10min sessions) or journal/ plan your next day or read a book before you sleep. There’s a lot of lovely things you can do for yourself. Even returning family messages.
Tabitha Z.
As a 2nd shift worker myself, my hours this last 2 months have been 2pm-12 am. I myself have fallen asleep while watching Dr. Pimple Popper or The Toe Bro videos on YouTube. Whatever puts you to sleep, go for it, maybe try crocheting or reading to relax you before bed or taking warm bath.
Caro F.
Perhaps you could try to trade tv in for sleep meditations that are meant for you to fall asleep listening to them. They fill the silence but encourage you to relax your mind and body, and they do help me fall into sleep easier and faster.
Orange W.
I don't like the quiet either. I listen to an audiobook instead of watching tv. It means I'm not being stimulated, or confusing my brain by having lights on in the bedroom. I listen to my book in the dark, with the lights out. I also have a blue light filter on my phone at night so I can use the phone to play my audiobook without the screen waking up my brain.
Assem N.
Perhaps it’s the question to try to ask: what makes quietness so uncomfortable for you? Are these the train of thoughts in your head? Is this the worry of being alone?
I would suggest answering these questions as you go on your journey
Eugene R.
Try listening to soft gentle music as you get into bed to remove the silence. Or instead of reading a book to help you fall asleep, listen to the audio version. These are good ways to relax and not be staring at the screen.
Nicole O.
You could play some good lofi, take some book you really wanted to red for a long time. Be sure you have your cup of water. If it doesn't help try to listen a calm soothing music for sleep
Soham J.
In moments like these I like to think of something I really enjoy doing that is just for me like soaking in a relaxing bath or listening to a podcast of my choice while cooking. This would also be a great time to meditate for a few minutes. I would also stop to think why I’m feeling uncomfortable. Is it that I don’t feel safe, do I feel lonely, do I have a harder time avoiding my own thoughts when I’m alone? Knowing the root of the discomfort can lead to different more on point solutions. Good luck!
Andy O.
I would definitely set a time to switch off all gadgets and tv and go up to bed. Make sure you get minimum 7 hours, in fact go for 8 as sleep is so important. Also rather than just putting the TV on, pick programs you want to watch. If you really can't cope with the quiet I'd try mindfulness. Tons of stuff on the internet
Sydney X.
My husband also works nights, and I’ve done the same thing. At first, I was uncomfortable because I couldn’t sleep in the bed without him, and I also felt unsafe in the house alone. Part of my routine to make me feel safer is turning on the porch lights and making sure the doors are locked. I also remind myself that my dogs will wake me up if anything is wrong. Reading in the other room it’s a dim light helps or laying in bed doing a meditation or yoga for sleep helps. Sarah Beth yoga on YouTube is free and she has an in bed nighttime yoga routine for sleep. Hope this helps! Sweet dreams!