how are you suppose to disconnect when you can’t turn your phone off because you still have to check the Fabulous habits? sometimes i just can’t resist the temptation to check instagram. just for one second. two minutes. 30 minutes. you know what i mean?

Савина Коцева N.
i try accomplishing my habits first and then noting them down in the app. for the evening routines i would mark the habits done and then proceed to do them. about other distractions such as insta i suggest finding motivation in there, for example search for posts about time management and media addiction. it shall help inspire you and hopefully you’ll put the phone down.
Louis C.
Maybe you could try using an app / iPhone setting that blocks you using apps like insta or tik tok after a certain time, so that when you "disconnect" you only disconnect for those apps and not your phone as a whole?
Elena S.
If I’m sure that I will do it I check my Fabulous habits before and then I turn off my phone, but it would be better if I could just check the habits the day after.
Lakesha P.
Yes. I’m actually being more consistent than before. I am being more intentional with what I’m doing and remembering to check things off. The area i improved the most was keep my house clean. The 10/21 minute tidy up was just what I needed.
Rueu W.
Disable notifications of other apps if you only want to use this app and don't want distractions. Or open the guided access on ur phone