If you can tell me exactly how you can say you’ve successfully done this “Disconnect & Unplug” habit?

Billie T.
I use the downtime feature on my phone to switch off from any social media apps. I send goodnight messages to my loved ones before switching off prior to my bedtime routine!
Jacob C.
I find it hard in the evening because the temptation is there to relax in front of the TV and play on the phone or whatever you have at your fingertips. So I started placing books inconveniently in my go-to spots so I'll gravitate to them. I also moved the charge cords away from where I sit, this helps. I put bananagrams the game at my table so my husband and I will play that together at mealtimes rather than watch TV or scroll social media.
It has helped to put things in my way so I can say, yes. Its here I have no excuse not to do the thing!
Fabio Q.
I stopped looking at social media after a set time in the evening, put down my phone. Instead I read or watch a selected movie.