How many minutes before sleeping do you stop looking at you’re phone?

Harold J.
I try to disconnect and unplug about an hr before bed. I use the time to breathe and meditate. My sleep patterns are garbage at the moment however I’m trying to do better. Hope this helps! Cheers!!

Eden Y.
I try to remember to put my phone away an hour before I want to fall asleep, but I turn on the night filter two hours before bed.

Caitlin F.
At minimum, one hour. That gives your brain enough time to shut down and rid yourself of the blue light. However, if you feel you can't avoid your phone or a screen before bed, start with changing the light temp of your phone. Apps like f.lux can warm the light and still work to slow down your brain. See if your phone has a "night time" mode!

Kirstine Z.
Not long enough, probably 45min-1hr. Recently I started setting my alarm and plugging phone in to charge and then coming downstairs for a little while. I’ve got a little organiser/pocket that slips under your mattress and it hangs at the side of the bed. It’s for holding books/iPad etc. And since I got it I’ve been putting my phone in there which means I down ‘see’ it which reduces the temptation.

Alan P.
I tried to aim to put my phone away about 30 minutes before I go to sleep. I also use a blue light filter (Twilight) to lessen eye strain.

Yann Z.
Mostly 10-15 minutes, but I'm trying to make it longer (minimum an hour). A blue-light filter helps me a bit to minimize strong light before bedtime 🙂