What to do to if I want to disconnect my devices but be sure that loved ones can still contact me.

El Onore Y.
You should be able to changed your settings so that calls from loved ones still come through on Do Not Disturbed Mode 🙂
Clau I.
Turnnoff internet and set your 'do not disturb'. You can set rules. For example: only ring phone with sound after being called twice in 5 minutes.
Yvonne B.
Well its best to let them know how important my morning routine is for my wellbeing and that I'm sleeping at this time. Besides if you upkeep it I believe they will be more than happy to let you be
Annaliese R.
Just keep your phone in the silent mode or at least the vibration mode. That's it! They can message you if they want and at the same time you won't get disturbed.

Good luck!

Matt E.
Tell them before you disconnect, they should understand that this is good for you. If it’s an emergency, then make sure there is a way they can reach you, like if your phone is on silent then only silent those who are important and keep your loved ones on ring. I agree I feel like I can never disconnect my phone because of that. I hope this has helped xoxo
Jochen J.
I put my phone on DND and have it set so anyone in my favourites contacts me I’m alerted straight away.
This includes alert tones for repeated calls.
I’ve worked out if your village needs you they will find a way of ensuring you know
Nathana L T.
I use the do not disturb feature on my phone and only allow communication apps to go through. That way, all of the distracting emails and random notifications stay silent and I am able to hear if someone needs to get in touch with me in an emergency.
Ralf Peter R.
Let them know you will be disconnecting from technology each night before 10pm and tell them to ring the landline in an emergency after that point